Author Topic: Torchlight - Character Builds?  (Read 29814 times)

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Torchlight - Character Builds?
« on: Wednesday March 10, 2010, 08:37:06 AM »
So, I finally had the chance of playing this game and it's awesome.
Well, the story is not very deep and it feels a lot like a Diablo rip-off, but it's a very solid game overall.
I played the game in Normal Mode with - possibly - what came out to be the easiest class which is the Alchemist / Lore

My build was

Lv 36 / Fame 22

STR 28
DEX 25
DEF 55
MND 95

Nether Imp 10
Thorned Minions 6
Pet Mastery 10
Alchemical Golem 10
Burning Bind 6
Beam Golem 9
Ember Shield 5


Heal all V
Elemental Protection VI

My pet had

Summon Zombies IV
Summon Skeleton IV

I never died once.
Actually I haven't tried the extra dungeon, because I retired my hero before knowing about that.

I am now playing Hard Mode with a Battle Alchemist (I cheated by using a sort of Hero Editor for editing the level and skill/stat pts) and now my build is like this

Lv 36 / Fame 22

STR 32
DEX 92
DEF 63
MND 28

Pyre 1
Armor Expertise 10
Ember Shield 10
Infuse 10
Frailty 10
Ember Phase 10
Ember Sentry 10


None yet.

Hard Mode is Hard O_o
I started with a melee character without Ember Shield and w/ Block and Parry (lv10 = 20% block), but at the first Ember phase portal I kept on dying so after trying some different skill setups I found out that a ranged (currently double wielding pistols) alchemist is safer, I slow down enemies with Frailty, throw fire bombs (aka Pyre) and finish them off from the distance.

What I don't like about this game is this thing that you cannot change difficulty with the same character (or at least I haven't figured it out). Luckily there's this Char Editor so you can clone your character and play Diablo-like (Normal, Nightmare, Hell).

Well, how about you?
What's you character? What do you suggest?

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Re: Torchlight - Character Builds?
« Reply #1 on: Thursday March 11, 2010, 02:30:13 AM »
The Game was made the people who made Diablo 1...not surprising if it gives off the same feeling...  :P

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Re: Torchlight - Character Builds?
« Reply #2 on: Thursday March 11, 2010, 11:06:05 PM »
I too really enjoyed this game.  played it through once with the destroyer and wrecked havoc.  I've sense then formatted and didn't save anything so I started over.  Didn't get to far in the game the 2nd play time through, but I have started all 3 types of characters.  Yes, the alchemist is pretty good.  Don't really care too much for the vanquisher though.  All I have to say is Frost FTW!  My cat would freeze all the enemies on the screen and my Destroyer would simply jump in the mix and kill everything before they knew wtf was going on.  Beat the game in 13.5 hours.  Anyway, my stats for my first play through are:

Xavier: Dual Wield Destroyer

character lvl 43
fame lvl 27
hp: 3100
mana: 230
strength: 149 (1079-2157)
dex: 4 (0-0)
magic: 5 (445-890)
def: 140 (552-1104)


poison: 293
lightning: 152
fire: 281
ice: 288



slash attack: 1/10
dual wielding: 10/10
adventurer: 10/10
critical strikes: 8/10


titan stomp: 10/10
martial weapons expertise: 10/10


armor expertise: 10/10
pet mastery: 10/10

character spells:

identify item
retribution iv
elemental overload vi
heal all vi


Scratch: dps cat
hp: 3385
mana: 235
melee dmg: 823-1645
elemental dmg: 0-0
ranged dmg: 0-0
armor mitigation: 478-956

pet spells:

frost vi
dervish v

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Re: Torchlight - Character Builds?
« Reply #3 on: Thursday March 11, 2010, 11:32:02 PM »
this game is similar to fate, a game i gave away.  for those who played fate, they should know that it wasn't really about the story of the game but the treasure hunting and the level-up.  it's almost like diablo.  it wasn't really about the story but you as a character progressing.  there is a feeling you get when you finally level up your character, that feeling is awesome. 

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Re: Torchlight - Character Builds?
« Reply #4 on: Monday March 15, 2010, 09:40:15 AM »
Uh yeah, there's this page I forgot to mention.
Also - a little OT here - who will be playing the MMO when it'll be released?