Angry Birds for NDS?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Lukinator007, May 29, 2010.

  1. Lukinator007

    Lukinator007 New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Many of you will have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, and many of you will know the App 'Angry Birds'.
    Is there like...a remake for this game on the Ds?
  2. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    ...I thought only one of us had it? to post a vid so we can see the gameplay?
  3. Lukinator007

    Lukinator007 New Member

  4. Rysio

    Rysio New Member

    I'm afraid there's not. It looks kinda fun though...
  5. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    Agreed on both parts, it's a catapult type game it seems...
  6. Lukinator007

    Lukinator007 New Member

    Is there anything simular to it?
  7. phoenix06007

    phoenix06007 New Member

    there,s an upcoming release for this here's the link
  8. Inunah

    Inunah Active Member

    I've heard Silly Bandz is similar, but that game sucks.
  9. awesomebros

    awesomebros New Member

    Angry Birds is just a generic game.
  10. personuser

    personuser New Member


    It's the same game, but crapper.
  11. Inunah

    Inunah Active Member

    And a less fun concept. Who wants to fling inanimate objects? I wanna fling fucking angry flying things that can peck at my face if I don't do it right.
  12. doughboy

    doughboy Guest

    it's crush the castle (1&2) only with birds
  13. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Active Member

    My son loves this games! I hope will released on DS version soon! :)
  14. athemoe

    athemoe Active Member

    this fall
  15. hirokaski

    hirokaski New Member

    Last I heard Its Coming To The 3ds i dont see what the big deal is looks pretty crap to me
  16. slapmeorelse

    slapmeorelse New Member

    It's free for Google Chrome anyway

    Better make it a free download on the eShop or I'm-a snipe somebody
  17. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Active Member

  18. Patchoo

    Patchoo New Member

    For those without an iPhone/iPad/iPod you can get a PC version for $5 in the form of a digital download.
    I can't post links for some reason, but do a google search for angry birds pc

    You download the trial version, then there will be an option in game to purchase the full game (digital format) and pay via PayPal.
    You get the registration key sent via e-mail..

    Or if you use Google Chrome, you can get the game with a few levels as an add on.

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