AP2P(anti peer2peer) may be after me, image with proof, wanting help..

Discussion in 'Non-Emulation Help' started by Tomoka, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    Okay, i may be in deep shit =/
    I got peerblock saying it's blocking all sorts of anti P2P companies from accessing my computer =O
    Anyone wanna help me out with this? i REALLY don't wanna get caught for piracy T_T
    I've crossed out the last 3 digits of me IP address, and the port for me protection, cuz i don't think even the MODS have that :p
  2. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    Only admins can see your IP Address on this site.
    But that IP, is your private network IP address, what your computer uses to communicate with the router. It is not the IP address that the world sees. Most users here have local IP addresses in the range, it is the default one for home networks. Knowing that does not give any users any idea of where you are.

    As far as those AP2P blocks, those programs work by blocking very wide bands of IP addresses, many of the times legit sources get blocked by them just because their IP addresses are close. It doesn't necessarily mean anything bad.

    If you are truly worried about getting caught, then don't do the activities that are illegal :)
  3. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    I'm relieved now :) i just realized the difference when i saw my IP address was different from what i read as the blocked things destinations -_-"
    and about the legit sources thing, let me correct ya, not sometimes, ALL the time :p it blocks AOL, Google, imageshack, lotsa stuffs at times T_T but thanks for relieving my stress :D
    EDIT:i just realized something else =/
    the IP address it goes to is similar to what Tirith named, but not exact...
    mine is i still safe, like is it in that range?
  4. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    Yes, the last number just differentiates your different PCs/Devices.

    Like my router is is my PC is my brother's PC is the PC in my living room is my laptop is my PSP
    etc, etc, etc.

    When ever my PC tries to connect to a 192.168.1.XXX number, it looks on the local network. If it tries to connect to another IP subnet, for example www.romulation.net, it looks to the gateway (router) and the router directs the info out to the internet. The router is the "buffer" between your local network and the internet.
  5. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    anything 192.168. cannot be routed on the internet, routers will drop packets from those IPs. Same goes for 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 127.x.x.x (cannot be routed at all) and 192.254.x.x

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