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  1. Seph

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    New version by Anandjones.​



    Linfox Domain - An alternative site to all firmware downloads for virtually all flashcarts, they even keep old firmwares just in case you need them.

    How to run several Problematic GBA ROMs on VisualBoyAdvance

    Shunyweb Save Converter - This online converter converts your save file to many other types/format so you can use them over a wide range of emulators and different flashcarts. Some of the saves that you convert (from .duc etc.) may not work, which means you should back up your save files before you do anything like enable cheat codes etc. just in case.

    DSLazy - ARM7 patching Allows you to unpack a ROM, modify it's contents, and repack, specifically for ARM7 patching. It has many other features. Another suitable program is DSBuff. These software will require .NET Framework.

    NO$GBA 2.6a Latest version of no$gba.

    no$zoomer A addon for no$gba 2.6a which fixes a lot of incompatibilities. To install, have the files in the same directory as your no$gba, or have them in another directory and simply browse for your NO$GBA.EXE. This bundled version contains the English.dll file, so the addon is already in English. If you want to enable the language setting yourself, put the file in the Lang folder, open up NO$Zoomer.ini (after having run a game using it) and add this line anywhere.
    Or you can select the tab (H) and select your language through the (L) option.

    If you want to find out more on why you might need to ARM7 patch a ROM to get it working, even if you've updated your firmware, see below.
    Covered Issues:

    NDS -
    'Could not locate files'
    Save Data Could not be Accessed
    Game Freezes
    Language Issues
    ARM7 patching
    Piracy fixes
    Cheats Don't display on Flashcart
    Microphone Support
    Homebrew problems
    PSX -
    Burnt Game Doesn't work
    Running on Emulator​


    Could not locate file, DS_MENU etc.
    - You need to install firmware properly for your flashcart to work. The firmware are the system files that the flashcart looks for so it can run. Think of it as a operating system.
    Go to LinfoxDomain, download the latest firmware, extract it (if you don't know, see this tutorial), and then go into the folder, and grab all of those files and folders, and put them straight onto the root of your MicroSD etc. (first directory or folder you come into when you browse), updating the firmware is the same, just replace the old files with the new ones. Remember to use the correct firmware for your kind of R4 for instance, that's the whole reason for different firmwares for different types of R4 devices.

    If you have done this, and it still gives those errors, make sure your MicroSD etc. are in properly, or you could try formatting it and reinstall the firmware to see if that will work. If none of these methods, try using a different MicroSD, and if that doesn't work, there is a chance your flashcart could be a fake, although fakes generally only work for a short period. For specific installation instructions for flashcarts, see link

    "The save data could not be accessed.","Data could not be read","Unable to access save data." or errcode=7 errors or anything related are received when trying to play a ROM, or black/white screens encountered :

    FLASHCART - Update to the latest firmware for your flashcart (Linfox), usually involves replacing the old firmware files with the new files you have downloaded. If you still continue to get this error, try ARM7 patching it, look below for further details. These save errors happen due to newer ARM7 binary files which are not compatible with your flashcart/firmware. If you want specific details on how to update or install firmware on a specific flashcart (if the basic instructions are not helping), see this link

    EMULATOR: Go to the Emulation Settings, and change NDS backup save media accordingly, and reset, until you do not receive the errors. If you want it a bit easier, you can get no$gba 2.6a, which has a Auto option, which automatically chooses the right type according to the game, which makes a lot more easier. If this method does not work, simply wait for a new release of the emulator you are using, or resort to using another emulator for the time being (iDeaS etc.)

    Game freezes at some or any point (or even loading) in the game: or, firmware freezes at any part. Black or white etc. screen encountered.

    FLASHCART: Backup all your files and folders, and then format your card. This makes it faster as they generally read slower later on in their life. If this doesn't work, your MicroSD etc. is most likely too slow. Choose a Kingston or Sandisk, since they are the best to choose from.

    EMULATOR: Nothing you can really do, except wait for a new release of the emulator you're using, or switch to another emulator for the meantime.
    If the issue is because the game is running too slow, you can try lowering some of the outputs, such as the Audio etc, which may improve the speed. Also make sure to have a decent computer.

    Game language is not English, even though I downloaded the (U),(E) version etc.

    FLASHCART: Install English firmware. If multilanguage etc., it automatically sets the language accordingly to your firmware language. Make sure to have your flashcart firmware English as well. Some ROMs contain other languages even if it's specified it only contains a certain language (Japanese containing English for example), these usually can be brought out with a code enabled. In some cases, an (E) ROM will not contain English.

    EMULATORS: If emulators such as no$gba, it's because by default, the BIOS firmware language isn't set as English. If multilanguage etc., it automatically sets the language accordingly to your firmware language. Easy solution is to simply download the English DS firmware.bin and have the file in the same directory of no$gba. Another method, get any NDS ROM. And then change your settings so you load the BIOS (GBA BIOS in settings), and then save settings and reset. And then while you're in the DS firmware, go to settings and change the language to English. Save the DS settings, change back to load cartridge directly and then save no$gba's settings. And then load the game. Should work.

    Why ARM7 patch?

    If updating firmware doesn't solve your problem, you need to try this to see if it will work. Basically, all newer or certain games have a newer executable system file (ARM7 binary), and flashcarts such as the R4 are not compatible with this version, which means you will usually get the errors "The save data could not be accessed." or "Unable to access save data." and other variations. With ARM7 patching, you basically get the ARM7 binary bin file from an older ROM (that indeed works on your flashcart), and then replace the newer ARM7 binary in the new ROM. In most cases, this will work, since your flashcart is completely compatible with this older version of the binary. To use the programs linked at the top of this post, please read the .txt files that come with it, they should explain how to use it. Otherwise post a new topic if you run into any issues. If the patched ROM works, good for you. If it doesn't, try getting the binary from another older ROM that still works, and try again. Then if that doesn't work, wait for new firmware, or simply, get a better flashcart.

    If you have done all of these solutions, please check if you have any cheat codes enabled. There are some which will be unstable on certain devices.

    I'm stuck in a game, and there's no way to get past it.
    Which probably means that there is some form of anti-piracy protection on the ROM. Recently companies such as Square Enix have been implementing these piracy additions from the added on functions in the Nitro SDK.

    FLASHCART: What you should do is to go to the GBAtemp Cheat Database, and then download the database that is correct for your flashcart and overwrite your previous database file (if it has one). If your flashcart doesn't support any of those formats, then it most likely does not support any, contact your flashcart manufacturer. Otherwise use a program such as DSATM to patch the ROM with the Action Replay code.

    EMULATOR: Find the code and import the code in the emulator options, press F2 or Utility->Cheats tab in no$gba for the cheats menu. If you want to find the code from a database from the GBAtemp Cheat Database for example, use R4CCE by Yasu to open it, find the game entry, and copy the code/s. Otherwise use a program such as DSATM to patch the ROM with the Action Replay code.

    Cheats don't display on Flashcart
    Flashcarts like the R4, cannot read databases over 4MB or read from databases that have over 800 game entries (since you may have gotten it from here) due to a firmware bug. Solution? Just use R4CCE by Yasu to modify and delete entries out of the database. This should allow those cheats you want to enable, show on the firmware of your flashcart. Or, you can patch the R4DS kernel using r4bugfix2, which fixes the flaw.

    If your game has been patched in any way, the Game ID is has been changed. Cheats identify games by the Game ID. GBATemp's cheat database uses the Game ID of the clean rom. In order to use cheats on a patched rom you must use a database editor like R4CCE by Yasu to update the Game ID of the cheat entry.

    How do I use the microphone, or blow on the screen in a particular part of a game.

    EMULATOR: Obviously, get a microphone, connect it and use it. no$gba should be compatible with most devices. Otherwise for alternative methods, see this.

    Homebrew Issues

    FLASHCART: If you are having issues with homebrew, check if you are indeed running the latest firmware, and if you have DLDI(Dynamically Linked Device Interface) patched it. If you haven't, you will most likely need to so it can perform read/write functions properly to a certain flashcart (if it is an old homebrew etc.). To DLDI patch, you can either use command line with the required .dldi files, or use the DLDI RC Patcher. All you do is install it, choose the drivers for the flashcart/s you have, and then just right click the .nds and go Patch. This will automatically patch it for you with ease. They even have a DS icon which associates with all .nds files to give it a nice look. If DLDI patching doesn't work (and you've made sure you're using the latest updated DLDI driver), you'll have to get another flashcart, or use an alternative firmware such as YSMenu for the R4, or AKAIO for the Acekard.

    EMULATOR: Usually won't work, unless you add some DLDI FCSR drivers to your emulator (see link), you have to add these since by default emulators don't support fat support for homebrews (such as those that have external files and/or folders). libfat should take a few seconds to initialize on emulators such as no$gba. It is recommended that you run homebrew on a flashcart, not an emulator, unless they don't use any FAT functions (such as reading/writing a save-file).


    My burnt game doesn't work on my PSX,PS2 etc. :

    Check if your console is modded first, if it is, you most likely did not burn the image file at the lowest speed. Doing this makes sure it is burnt carefully without being rushed. Also make sure to choose a good brand, such as Verbatim or TDK. If you have followed all of these, then it's probably your modchip etc. is acting up. If so, keep restarting until it eventually works (modchips do act up eventually).

    Confused about what to burn in filesets:

    If you are wondering what image file you should burn if you have a set of files (other than .iso etc.), see below.

    .bin,.cue = If burning, burn the .cue file in image burning mode in your program obviously at the lowest speed, the .cue file can be opened in Notepad, and contains datasheets for the .bin file (make sure both files are in the same folder when you are burning), otherwise, you can just burn the .bin. If you're loading the image into an emulator, virtual drive etc., use the .bin. ePSXe supports loading .BIN/.CUE files.

    .sub,.img,.ccd or .cue = If burning, burn the .ccd or .img file (keeping all of those in the same folder). These sets of files are generally created by CloneCD, .ccd being their own type of file (a different kind of a .cue file, but very similar). If loading, into an emulator or virtual drive, go for the .img file. ePSXe 1.7.0 supports loading .IMG/.CCD/.CUE files.

    .mdf,.mds = If burning, burn the .mds file (different type of .cue file) which contains metadata, if loading, use .mdf. These files are created by Alcohol 120%. ePSXe 1.7.0 supports loading .MDF/.MDS files.

    If you come into contact with any other sets or kinds of image files, either just burn the largest image if it's in a set, or just google the extensions for more information regarding them.

    I cannot run a PSX game on a emulator :

    First off, if you are not using ePSXe, it is recommended you use it, since it is the best PSX emulator. Read this tutorial for ePSXe. If you run into any problems, post a new topic in Technical Help.

    If you are missing a .cue sheet that should have come with a .bin image file, then use this software to do so. MakeCue
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    Re: Common Issues

    What do I do when a screen says "GAME PAK ERROR. TURN THE POWER OFF"?? What's wrong? I have activated the flash 128kb. no more white screen and now this!!
  3. albo_warrior

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    Re: Common Issues

    Theres a problem with the pokemon diamond. I dont know if this is just mine... but only way i can finish a battle is by having the sound output on. On the other hand if i have it on it slows down the game drastically. Is there a way to fix this without sacrificing game speed?
  4. Loonylion

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    Re: Common Issues

    probably not at this stage, sorry
  5. albo_warrior

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    Re: Common Issues

    Well I'm playing Megaman Pegasus and i already noticed that I can't see any of the viruses or their attacks including my own attacks whats the problem with this? If there is a problem.
  6. Seph

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    Re: Common Issues

    Lack of compatibility, whatever emulator you're using just isn't capable of running the game properly.
  7. Seph

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    Re: Common Issues

    This topic is NOT for game specific issues, create a new thread.
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    Thanks for the merge. Was going to do it eventually :p
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