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Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by paulcroad, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. paulcroad

    paulcroad New Member

    hi, i've recently updated my sons dsi to ver 1.4.3e and it blocked his r4 card, i now have a r4i 3ds gold card but thats just loading all the time any ideas plz. paul
  2. farcry31

    farcry31 New Member

    wich r4 3ds card you have extactly

    only good r4i 3ds card that is working is the new one from r4ids.cn and not the old one

    when you start the dsi you should see spongbob icon
  3. paulcroad

    paulcroad New Member

    hi, i have the new one with spongebob on it, thx for the reply
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    hi, does any1 have any ideas why its not running the games. thx paul
  4. farcry31

    farcry31 New Member

    format your card fat 32 and put wood v1.33 on it from the site r4ids.cn

    have that card also , and no problems here
  5. paulcroad

    paulcroad New Member

    ok will try, u don't think its cause the games were set up with a 1.4.1 vers card
  6. slm272

    slm272 New Member

    my dsi has firm wear of 1.4.3e and i have a r4i 3ds gold but it shows mr bean so will not work , is there anything i can do ?
  7. Crazyplayboy

    Crazyplayboy New Member

    There is a patch released for this R4i gold 3DS card, you can download it from here : ftp://r4idsdown:[email protected]/V143_Patch_R4iGold_3DS.rar you need to take a DS or DSi to update your card with the patch.
  8. Hey im not sure if anyone can help me i recently brought a dsi that was already update to 1.43 and i recently brought on of these flashcards http://www.r4i-gold.hk/indexe.asp i've tried a number of kernals but none work, i was told i had to do something with my ds lite,

    Can someone please give me insructions on what i need to do please? i'm new at this
  9. Crazyplayboy

    Crazyplayboy New Member

    You need to use a DS or DSi (lower than V1.43) to update your flashcard first.
  10. I was told that before, but im not sure how i do it, could you maybe put some instructions up? i mean i got it to work in my dslite but there is no icons, it;s just a black screen with the time and date and wont go any further.
  11. andyfm

    andyfm New Member

    put the firmware onto your card.
    put the card into a ds/ds lite
    tap the third icon
    card should show box saying config and upgrade
    tap upgrade
    this takes 4-5 mins
    when complete put card into your dsi and it should work :) :) :)
  12. Alexsuliter

    Alexsuliter New Member

    Hi,the new R4i Gold 3DS works fine with DSi V1.4.3.If you met problems, you can try to download patch. But please make sure to reformat your microsd card, download the latest Wood R4 kernel V1.35 ! Ok, I mean the if your card is the R4i Gold 3DS from R4ids.cn.
  13. What firmwere do i use?
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    The one i have now has a black screen with just the time and the date the rest is all black.

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