[FIX] Pokemon Heartgold (U) [DeSmuME 0.9.5]

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Thomaseng, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Thomaseng

    Thomaseng New Member

    Ok, So me and my friend were working to try and stop the freezes caused every 26 actions in Pokémon HeartGold.
    After testing, we believe we have found a possible fix that works for DeSmuME 0.9.5.

    1)Download the .exe here: http://www.mediafire.com/?igzxmrjdmda

    2)Open your Heartgold ROM in DeSmuME

    3)Run the Downloaded .exe file

    4)You should see this pop up on your screen:

    5)With the game running, press F1 on the above screen.

    6)The sound should stop, this is OK!

    7)Press F1 again, the sound should come back on.

    8)Continue playing, you shouldn't get any freezes after "X" actons.

    (Every time you play the rom steps 3-8 should be done!)

    Please post saying if it works for you! Also we would appreciate it if anyone could test this on other emulators too. If this is a success we will start work on a Soulsilver fix.
  2. nu885

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    Well ya know something brother.....yea i know this post is old but it never said if it worked or not.. so for the sake of all of us here at RomUlation and all of the little RomU-maniacs out there all around the world.. i used this for 2 hours worth of gameplay so far and i think it actually might help the freezing but not all the way.. when i tested this i started a new game (ive beaten the old gold/silver before) so if you dont think i made it through 24 events in that time frame please feel free to define what an event actually is :D

    while using this it seems to only freeze now on entering/exiting a building,cave, etc...

    now saying that i didnt count all the events considering i wasn't 100% sure what was considered an "event"... i took it as an "event" being trainer battles, story progression, random battles, entering/exiting a place.. all of which i personally have had the game freeze on me while using this emulator..

    . i made it ALOT farther using this than i did not using this (as i forget to use save states) i started a new game and made it to the battling trainers blocking the way after returning the egg to Prof. Elm and it would freeze there every time while initiating combat with the first trainer... after using this "fix" and starting a new game i made it all the way to the unown puzzle basement before it froze while exiting the place...

    im gonna still use this until i find something better i prefer this emulator over No$gba because it has MANY more options than no$gba good luck

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