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    1st of all... all credit goes to Squall-Leonhart (thanks to his/her explination (little 2 detailed tho) is i got it to work also thanks for link).

    Now... every1 wanted gameshark codes for your games? I'v looked up alot of tutorials on how to get them to work and queit frankly they talk to much or have to much epxlination so im going to make this easier.

    Step 1: Download PecSetup.exe From (again all credit to squall)

    Step2: Extract files (Ofc) and install, Theres a file called gpupec.dll. Put it in ur ePSXe Plugins.

    Step3: Open ePSXe > Config > Video > psx emulation cheater 2.5 And Config option below that > Ur Previous Video Plugin. Your config should not be erased from before but just check again.

    Thats it done... yes done open up psx emulation cheater should be a quicklink on desktop. Send cheats to plugin is turning them on and other option is turning them off. Have the game running when turning on the cheats they should show up in 2-3 sec after sending to plugin.

    just putting it up there for every1 didnt see any when entered techical help ^^

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