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Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by BloodVayne, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne New Member

    Ever want to play GBC or GBA games on your cellphone? (just found out it was possible) Well, I've scoured the net and found a few emus for S40/ S60/UIQ mobiles.

    1. MeBoy (S40/ Java based)

    Primarily created to emulate GB, but has added GBC support in recent versions. It works perfectly, getting 25-30 fps on my Nokia 5200. Emulator/rom file (.jar) can't be too large though, or it won't work. Can save but no sound support :'( .

    2. Vbag (S60 and UIQ only)

    Tested this on a friend's phone. Works great on N-Gage and N series mobiles. Full save/sound support. It's actually pay software (google to the rescue!) Site also has other emus (NES, SNES)

    3. VGBA (S60 3rd, UIQ)

    Similar to Vbag. Also pay. You need a REALLY powerful phone for this.

    4. VGB (S60 3rd, UIQ)

    Found on the same site as VGBA. Much the same as MeBoy. Pay.

    If you know more, please reply.
    sorry if this is old news.
  2. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    OMG, what are they gonna come up with next?
    Can the MeBoy run on all Java phones? I have a recently new Samsung, is there a compatibility list?
  3. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne New Member

    Yes, there's a list of compatible phones on the site . Good luck trying it out ;)
  4. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    Yay, it works. The compatibility list had my phone brand model on it and I tried Legend Of Zelda:Oracle of Seasons and it has a few minor glitches here and there... But still, thanks for these links ;D
  5. sir spamalot

    sir spamalot New Member

    i think i'll pass on this. i have a nokia e65 (pretty powerful) but it just doesn't beat a nintendo ds with lameboy.

    besides, paying for an emulator?
  6. iamlegend

    iamlegend New Member

    interesting.....but no sound support for MeBoy kills the deal...
  7. Almo

    Almo New Member

    Im impressed, but ill never use them. I just sold my W950i and got me a T100 (no colour, calls and text only, oh and has a calculator and calander!)
  8. edralincesar

    edralincesar New Member

    vbag for n93 is nice!
  9. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne New Member

    *cough*bittorrent*cough*. I mean, if you're already downloading the roms for free, then...
    By the way, playing Pokemon Gold with no sound is still better than playing the games that come with the phone :)
  10. kamage

    kamage Active Member

    *Staes at all the celphone freaks on this board*

    I don't like my cellphone, it's just a hassle to me, i rarely use it..
  11. Skyez

    Skyez New Member

    I've just been trying MeBoy out too recently... any GB/GBC games to recommend? I have Pokemon Silver and Magical Tetris so far. I tried Link's Awakening, but it's just too hard to read on my phone (I have a 5200 too! LOL)
  12. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne New Member

    Well, RPGs (Pokemon included) is the genre you'll get the most out of with MeBoy. Pokemon plays VERY good on it :eek:. I'd recommend Dragon Warrior 1 + 2, and 3, Lufia, and FF Adventure/Legend, Crystalis...
    Action/adventure games are a little hard to play with a 5200, but you could try Super Mario, WarioLand and some of those racing games.

    Oh, if you're finding text hard to read and don't mind playing the game sideways on your phone you could try changing the rotation settings to 1 or 3 (turns the screen 90/270 degrees) and enabling scale to fit. That way most text is readable, but you'll have to play with your right/left hand only ;)
  13. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    The pokemons (red, yellow, etc.) and Legend Of Zelda OoS, OoA etc.
  14. Skyez

    Skyez New Member

    I was going to say how awkward the buttons would be (up/down would go sideways, etc) with the rotation, when I suddenly remembered there's an option to change button settings (*doh*). So I now have the directional buttons on the joystick thingy and a/b/start/select on 1,4,7 and *. Works quite well -- with both hands too. And thanks for the game suggestions. I'll look them up. ^^
  15. odink

    odink New Member

    wow, emulator compatible for java phone. thank you very much for this post.
  16. clyffe28

    clyffe28 New Member

    Some games won't work, why is that
  17. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    It's probably not compatible with the emulator you're using. There should be a game compatiblity list somewhere on the site.
  18. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne New Member

    Actually, it depends on your mobile, too. If the .jar file you end up with the MeBoy compiler is larger than a certain amount (mine was 1MB), your phone just won't run it. And yeah, you should check the compatibility list first before trying.
  19. Rayder

    Rayder Member

    I have PocketNesterPlus 0.9 on my cell phone (Black Jack II). I haven't ran across an NES game that hasn't worked yet. Only issue I have with it is that I cannot do diagonals at all, but otherwise it seems more compatible than nesDS on the DS.

    I realize this topic is ancient, but I thought I'd mention this emu so everyone who wants this sort of thing for their cells knows about it.
  20. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    Even though everyone uses NesterDS to emulate NES on the DS..

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