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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by bobzilla107, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. bobzilla107

    bobzilla107 New Member

    I am currently running pcsx2 v 1.0.0 I have installed the bios and thought I have configured everything the same as soon in a few youtube videos. I try to load my iso and nothing happens. It just sits there. My pc specs are i5 @3 GHz. with 8G of ram and 1TB drive.
  2. reekon_retro

    reekon_retro Member

    Make sure you have a folder named Bios in the PCSX2 1.0.0 folder, if not create one in there. Put the bios files in there. Then run the program, click the config and choose the Plugin/Bios selector. In the next window select the BIOS tab at the top middle (between Plugins, Folders). Select the bios for the game region USA for NTSC or Europe for PAL. Apply settings. press ok.
    Use Linuz Iso CDVD plugin. Choose this in the CDVD Plugins.
    Go back to main menu, circle in the "Iso" option in CDVD tab then choose the "Iso Selector" and browse to your where you put your Iso and select it. When done select System tab and Boot CDVD.
  3. bobzilla107

    bobzilla107 New Member

    Thanks for the help. Was able to get it going now.
  4. reekon_retro

    reekon_retro Member

    Your welcome. You can check the Romulation main site for the the
    Link to the pcsx2 site for tips and faqs for the emulator.
  5. amymina5

    amymina5 New Member

    Help! I downloaded a Crash Twinsanity ISO, and PS2 bios (since my PS2 broke years ago), and I did the configure/set-up stuff, but when I loaded the ISO and pressed boot CD/DVD, I just saw a black screen after the startup!

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