Help to boot moonshell 2 on start up

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by bannockburn1314, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    Hi guys,total newbie here and in need of your expert help.Daughter just got a ds for xmas as well as a barbie three musketeers dvd n doll.To cut a long story short barbie three musketeers was a game she wanted to play on her ds.It took a while but i finally got it to work using DSTT v1.17a12 firmware which as far as i know is the only firmware which will play it.Anyway here's my situation i have an R4 original which i managed to replace the original outdated firmware with dsst v1.17a12 and ysmenu.I also have moonshell 2 v.10 beta installed it plays movies but doesnt launch the games just gives a format error and here is the problem.What i need if one of you geniuses can manage it is
    1. moonshell 2 capable off launching games and playing vids
    2. moonshell 2 to boot on start up
    3. running DSTT v1.17a12 firmware or any capeable or playing barbie three musketeers
    4. with ysmenu if i need it
    5. all this on an R4 ORIGINAL
    6. thank you
    hope one someone can post a link to a easy to follow guide or post one here.
  2. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    Moonshell cannot launch games. It's for media only. Pictures, Music, Videos. If you want to play games you have to use the flashcart firmware.

    To start Moonshell 2 on boot, your firmware has to support autolaunching games. A few do, but not all. I don't think Ysmenu/DSTT/R4 firmware supports this.
  3. matty999555

    matty999555 New Member

    Try renaming moonshell.nds to one of the files in the root directory.

    I don't know which one but try all.
  4. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Ysmenu is DSTT v1.17a12

    So you would have kernal v1.18 and boot ysmenu.nds to use DSTT v1.17a12

    Are you can get kernal v1.24, and take out ttmenu folder and ysmenu.nds file, and place the onto the root of microSD card, so you would have kernal v1.24 and DSTT v1.17a12
  5. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    Thanks for the quick replies guys.TirithRR in response to "Moonshell cannot, and will not, launch games." is this not whats happening here?
    matty999555 yeah tried renaming to native file names in root of my card
  6. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    I dont think he is using it on an R4 , but i think he is running moonshell 2 a AKAIO Sub operating system on a Acekard 2
  7. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    It seems that Normmatt made it work with the Acekard2/2i

    But I don't know if you can do it with the DSTT. Maybe.
  8. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    Jhon 591 so just to get this right ysmenu is a firmware? i removed the original R4 v1.18 coz i read everywhere that it was outdated and last updated in 2008 although saying that the barbie game is the only one i had problems with.Cheers for the info
  9. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    It a TTDS fimware converted to be used on the R4, And they call it ysmenu, Yes it a alt firmware

    It should run barbie as its on the list

  10. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    god another two replies i cant keep up with you guys on here.I'll go and read those links now Jhon.The reason i want it set up with moonshell 2 booting on start up and launshing games is tomake it easier for my daughter to operate appreciate all your feed back,great site

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    ok so checked out jhon's link what method would you reckomend i follow?

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    also what version of moonshell is 2.10 pretty stable?
  11. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Check the spoler, It somethink i have not got aound to, so would would like boot moonshell 2 and deflat back to kernal or ysmemu when need to run a game...

    With the first kernal v1.18 it auto booted the games though moonshell, but they have the tools to edit the DS_Menu.dat and they are tools that would not be released to us, However you can run moonshell by booting _DS_MSHL.dat and reseting your DS to get backto kernal or ysmenu dull way though

    _DS_MSHL.dat needs moonshl folder
  12. yoshi2889

    yoshi2889 Active Member

    And it runs homebrew ::)

    I wasn't capable of running WintenDOS without Moonshell 2.
  13. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    1) Extract the files of the r4denc package on your desktop.

    2) Copy your R4-DLDI'd moonshl2.nds from the root of your card to the r4denc directory.

    3) Drag moonshl2.nds over r4enc.exe. This will produce a file called "moonshl2.nds.DAT".

    4) Rename moonshl2.nds.DAT into "_DS_MENU.DAT".

    For users of Windows XP/etc., the .DAT extension might automatically be hidden. In this case, open any explorer window, go to "Tools", "Folder Options...", "View", check the Advanced Settings panel and remove the check from "Hide extensions for known file types." Keep it this way for now.

    5) Copy _DS_MENU.DAT to the root of your card. From here, you can choose to overwrite R4's original _DS_MENU.DAT firmware file or just rename it to something else and keep it as backup. What matters is you get the renamed _DS_MENU.DAT at the root of your card.

    Okay, now you can change it back. Follow the extra steps in the previous step and put the check back. It might get annoying when you're renaming files, so it's recommended you just keep the extensions hidden unless you discover you have an everyday use for them.

    6) Create a new directory on your desktop called "r4ysauto".

    7) Extract the contents of the r4ysauto package you downloaded into this directory.

    8) Copy the YSMenu package you downloaded from Yasu's site into the r4ysauto directory.

    9) Run r4config.bat and answer the questions accordingly. Anyhow, these are my answers:

    Language: EN
    Flashcart: R4
    Overwrite: Yes
    Skin: No
    YSMenu Language: EN
    Ways To Install YSMenu: 4
    Automatic Updates: Off

    10) Rename the YSMenu package you copied to the directory as "".

    11) Run r4.bat. This will produce "".

    12) Extract the files of this archive into the root of your card.

    13) Create a new directory called "ysmenu" at the root of your card.

    14) Move the YSMenu.nds you extracted from the R4_custom_English archive into the ysmenu directory.

    15) DLDI-patch YSMenu.nds.
    Ok in the middle of this process but im stuck on part 10 and 11 when i run r4.bat which is only named r4 in my version i get told that it cant locate the what exactly was i to do in part 10 anyone?
  14. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    when i 1st did part 7 i opened the ysmenu and copied the 6 contents over then when told to rename them i had six items so figured id made a mistake as i couldnt rename the six of em.So i re did it with them in the ysmenu folder and renamed ysmenu folder to but r4ysauto didnt locate it
  15. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Mabe stpes 1-5

    I have the pre-made one from the rest on my page
  16. Fire_Ice

    Fire_Ice Guest

    Just download one off the following link of me
    it is Moonshell 2.0 and all you need to do is copy
    everything to your R4 and use directboot.nds and it
    will launch Moonshell 2.0.

    (With the language.nds you can select the language that
    moonshell needs to be)
  17. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    Fire ice will that let moonshell launch my games?.Right starting this guide again and just checking with you guys about this

    1) Extract the "moonshl2" directory and "moonshl2.nds" to the root of your flashcart. These are the only real required files to get MoonShell 2 to work. Of course, you can extract the others for more features.

    2) DLDI-patch moonshl2.nds with your corresponding flashcart's DLDI file.

    3) Extract the "nds.YSloaderForMS2.nds" and "config.ini" files from linoul's package to the /moonshl2/extlink folder. If you're using an alternate loader, extract only the "nds.-insertloadernamehere-.nds" file to the extlink folder unless told otherwise.

    4) From here, follow the specific instructions given for your flashcart. Also, please take note that this guide was created based on MoonShell 2.00 Beta 10. Therefore, whenever "moonshl2.nds" is mentioned for patching and/or renaming purposes, it is actually "moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds" that is being referred to.

    in part two this patching thing what im doing is just putting this tool AutoDLDIPatch in with part 1 and doing same here 2) Copy your R4-DLDI'd moonshl2.nds from the root of your card to the r4denc directory.
    will this work or do i have to manually patch it and if i do how do i do it

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    nah failed again got up to 15 this time moonshell tries to boot on start up but fails.Has anyone got this working any chance of getting the files from you?
  18. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    I have a CycloDS, so I can't do it (no firmware files on the CycloDS).

    Maybe it will be easier to show your daughter how to run Moonshell.NDS like she would any game.
  19. bannockburn1314

    bannockburn1314 New Member

    ok the problem was the patching i maually patched and it launches moonshell 2 on start up but no sound on movies and still doesnt launch games.Half way there though any suggestions?
  20. yoshi2889

    yoshi2889 Active Member

    Button Start > Settings

    Set the settings may help...
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