How creative can you get at Scribblenauts?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by asdzxc123789, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    What can you do? What can we do? What are the easter eggs? Share it here, in the (un)offical Scribblenauts thread!

    "Clean the mess and get rid off the fly"
    First, I cleaned some rubbish and called a hippie. Then I cut the tree, which made the hippie angry. Then I took a shotgun... Boom! After that, I typed "wall", then a wall came. I put it to the middle, me at one side fly at another. Then I called a beast to fly's side. Yeah... STAR!

    Top it ;D
  2. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    Too much trouble

    "Clean the mess and get rid off the fly"
    I use nuke.Simple yet effective
  3. kamuikurou

    kamuikurou Active Member

    Guys, please give me your ideas of flying... So far I've used these things:

    UFO/Flying Saucer


    Other objects:
    Flying carpet/Magic carpet
  4. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    Okay I found an easter egg!
    How to get a Tommy(1950):
    Create a Mob
    Create a Cop.
    Mob dies.
    Get Tommy!
  5. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    Did you try Bomber ad Stealth Bomber?
  6. TirithRR

    TirithRR New Member

    Create God
    Create Death
    Death dies.
    You get Death's Scythe.

    Longcat and Keyboard Cat are both creatable.

    God is worthless. I tried using him to get the cat off the roof, he just jumps down and follows me. I put a wall up and a dog on the other side to scare the cat down. Or a mouse on the girl to lure him down.
  7. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    The "God" is actually Zeus
  8. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    Man game started to get ugly...
    Its hard since the third world!
  9. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Active Member

    Most of my solutions involve spawning Velociraptors.
  10. Fragata

    Fragata New Member

    BS death kills everything.. even Cthuhlu and the kraken.
    And anyway, deaths scythe is just a normal scythe.

    i find it quite fun to make l4d... spawn a whole lot of zombies and give yourself a shotgun ^_^
  11. kamuikurou

    kamuikurou Active Member

    Woah. Never think about that. :D

    Anyway, does anyone find any other way to dig than using shovel and spade?
  12. whynot56

    whynot56 New Member

    If you put god (or Zeus, as it actually is) and then atheist, the atheist runs away from god and is scared. But if you give the atheist a weapon he goes back and tries to kill god. So then I created 4 atheists, gave one a shotgun, one a grenade launcher, one a machine gun and one a crossbow. God came and wiped them all out.

    Oh and if you create a powerplant and then click on it out pops a mutated person.

    One more story. I made god and satan, who immediately started to fight in an epic battle (which god won) But while they were fighting I made santa, who proceeded to run around giving the two of them gifts while they were fighting! He gave god a camera and the devil a toaster ;D
  13. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    Can anyone remind me how to summon the cow demon?
    I remember its *something* Oni
  14. buchichu

    buchichu Member

    someone managed to already rip the full dictionary, or so it's claimed. You can find it here:
  15. kamuikurou

    kamuikurou Active Member

    Woah, this is extremely nice. :D Let's find some interesting points from there... :)
  16. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    Thanks for that link
  17. kamuikurou

    kamuikurou Active Member

    LOL, summon a "brother" give him a weapon and he's invincible. :D Summon a vampire then it turns him into a slave. :)

    The interesting thing is, if you give both the vampire and the brother a weapon each, they'll battle for eternity. ;D
  18. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    How can I use a nuke and stay alive?
  19. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Active Member

    The nuke totally kills and other words of "catastrophy"

    -who wins: longcat vs death?
  20. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    and flood
    and death

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