How do I run ECM files for pSX emulator?

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by 2DamCerius, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. 2DamCerius

    2DamCerius I hate waiting in line.

    I have gotten one of these file associations before and I was left with it when I unzipped the folder. I got data.bin.ecm with the title of the game, but it just won't get translated into the correct files within the emulator. I could use some help on how to convert these things if any one will be so kind.
    Much appreciated.
  2. meganova

    meganova New Member

    Convert the .ecm files.
  3. personuser

    personuser New Member

    not so much "convert" as "extract". ECM is like double-compression for large games (PS1 and up). Still worth it since it makes your download smaller.

    also PakkISO is a little better. Run unecm.
  4. meganova

    meganova New Member

    Nah, I won't bother much with that, the result is still the same.

    Anyway, try either way.

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