How to Burn DREAMCAST CDI Images using DiscJuggler

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    I'm not completely sure if this is already on the Forums, I'm going to be honest, I didn't look.
    But I've seen alot of Comments asking for help on certain ISO images on the site so I figured I'd make this quickly so it's new, fresh, and easy to read.

    The following method of burning a Dreamcast Image is for use on the actual Console, I don't deal with Emulators.
    This may not work for every Image out there, I personally use images I created myself using the original games I own. A few I've downloaded from this site simply cause I have only an unopened copy of the same game.

    Respect the copyright laws in your region, and support the developers!!!

    1) Download and Install DiscJuggler 6 at, how to do so is available on Padus's website.
    The Program has a free DEMO version which is perfect for Dreamcast disc Images. The limitations of the DEMO are listed on the website aswell.

    2) After installing the program, open it up, it'll give you a welcome message, and make you wait ten seconds to continue, afterwords open a new task and select "Burn Disc Image"

    3) Find the Source section and click the icon to browse for the Disc Image file, select the Image you wish to burn to CD, as an example I'll be using "D2-1.ngi" make sure you change the action to write, and the write speed to the lowest possible, this helps prevent any errors.

    4) Click on the ADANCED Tab and look for Overburn disc. This is needed for discs that go over 700MB. I don't know the details but I'm able to fit a 871MB file onto a 700MB Fujifilm CD-R so I don't ask questions. If your image is under 700 you should skip this step!!!

    5) In the same window, change the TOC to CDI.

    If your using the DEMO you may have to purchase (or find a hacked version) to continue, since the limitations of the DEMO is 700mb you won't be able to burn an image over that limit. For example if I was using the DEMO version and trying to burn D2-1.ngi I would receive an error that I can't continue.

    5) Pop in a blank CD-R disc into your perfered Driver. I use FujiFilm CD-Rs personally, I never had a problem with them.

    6) Double Check everything and make sure it's going to be burning on the right Drive. By Default DiscJuggler selects your master DVD/CD Drive

    7) Click Start and wait!

    Congratulations you just burned your first Dreamcast Image using DiscJuggler!

    Depending on your Dreamcast Model just pop it in and it'll burn up!
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    not all CD burners can successfully burn DC games.
  3. ace1o1

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    My DVD burner kept messing up, so I have to burn them with my CD burner.

    And BootDreams is way better and easier to use by the way OP.
    It can make a CD just from files and not just an ISO image. And many more features as well.

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