How to burn PSX games to CD?

Discussion in 'Non-Emulation Help' started by Daige, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Daige

    Daige New Member

    I guess this falls under "non-emulation help"?

    So I downloaded some PSX games from this site and now I want to burn them to CD and play them on my PSX console (yes, it's chipped).

    It worked great when I burned .iso and .img to cd, but now I got several files I don't recognize or know how to deal with, so please help me.

    Some of the games consists of a bin-file and a cue-file. Other games consists of ccd+img+sub. One game even hade mds+mdf.

    Damn all these standards to hell, why can't they just use a simple iso or img? ???

    Anyways, I use how do I go about this project? Can you help me?

    I also have VirtualCloneDrive. I can mount a ccd-file or bin-file to that, but can I just copy the virtual disc with Nero? Tried it just now but it didn't seem to work, the PSX didn't accept the disc.
  2. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    Just pretty much different formats. Do the same thing as you would do with .iso and .img. Burn the .cue file if you've got a set of .bin and .cue (keep in same directory). Burn the .img file if you've got a set of .ccd, .img, .sub.
  3. Daige

    Daige New Member

    Okay, thanks. I will try burning some discs then, if it does not work I will return here and see if there could be other problems.

    So in Nero, I just choose to "burn image" and then I choose only one "guiding" file (as long as they're in the same directory), I don't have to input all the files in the directory?

    And as for mdf and mds, I found an old thread stating that mdf was the file to burn.

    Thanks for the help so far.
  4. Daige

    Daige New Member

    Right, I only had one game consisting of MDF+MDS, so I downloaded Alcohol 120%, trial version, and was about to burn the image there but Alcohol only showed me the MDS-file. I still found the MDF-file (I thought that was the correct file to burn, since that was the info on the forum) and was about to burn that but thought that the program itself probably knew which file was correct, so I took my chanses with the MDS and it worked out perfectly!

    Now to the BIN+CUE and CCD+IMG games, but I think Nero will help me out there. Or Alcohol, now that I have my trial version.
  5. Daige

    Daige New Member

    Unexpected problem: Nero doesn't accept neither img nor ccd. I guess I could try to burn those games in Alcohol insted, but what to do if I want to burn it in Nero instead? Can I change the file extension on the img-file to .iso instead, will that work?

    EDIT: It actually did, never thought it would. Strange, if all it takes is a simple renaming of the extension, why can't Nero accept the img-file from the start, and all would be good and well? Ah well, back to work then and thanks for your help. All I needed was the guidance. ;D
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    no, changing the extension will not work. try using imgburn (google it) if Alcohol can't burn it. Basically if the program lets you burn .cue/.mds/.ccd then that is the one you burn, as it basically contains instructions to your burning software on the specific way to burn the associated file (i.e which tracks go on what sectors). So long as both/all files are together, it will work.
  7. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    .mds is pretty much the alcohol version of .cue (different), which contains metadata.
  8. busymumpurple

    busymumpurple New Member

    HELP please. I have copied a few of your ISO's to cd easily as they had the bin file and image file which when I click on it it opens nero and away we go game burnt..... Easy now I have just downloaded a file that is a mdf file?!?! it doesn't do anything when I click on it and what's the daemon tools pro file all about?? Please help me get these games on cd for my little boy to play. I am a learner so please go slow and simple with any onstructions. Thank you in advance for your time and help.
  9. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    nero cannot burn .mds files, you need alcohol 120% or imgburn to burn it (the latter is free, google it)
  10. busymumpurple

    busymumpurple New Member

    OK, thank you Loonylion. I am downloading that now. Do I just click on the .mdf file and the ingburn will start automatically and do the rest.
  11. busymumpurple

    busymumpurple New Member

    It's ok, I've got the imgburn worked out. Thank you for your help. It is so nice to come to a site and be new but still get fantastic help. You guys are the best.
  12. RogerThornhill

    RogerThornhill New Member

    I'm just new this so I realize this is probably a dumb question:

    do I need to buy a modchip for my PSX? Even if I burn a file from here onto a CD, my PS won't read it?

    And if I need a modchip, where do I get them and how much should they cost?

    Again, sorry to make anyone's eyes roll.
  13. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    yes, you need a modchip for your PSX.
  14. ThisIsTheUsername

    ThisIsTheUsername New Member

    and probably bootable CD for modchipped PSX
  15. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    You don't need that.
  16. Sidmarill

    Sidmarill New Member

    I kinda have the same problem...
    I downloaded Breath of Fire II and used ImgBurn to put the files on the CD.
    I have a CCD. file a SUB. file and a IMG. file.
    CCD. and SUB. have a ImgBurn icon, the IMG has no icon.

    I'm wondering, do I burn IMAGE TO CD or burrn FILES TO CD?
    Cuz when I use "Burn Image" it only shows CCD and SUB.
    In Burn FILES. it shows all of them...
    I've tried to burn twice already and it freezes at the Sony Logo...All the pieces of the logo are everywhere, and the music is extremely slow and choppy in the background...
    I checked google and they said it may have been a faulty ROM. but I really don't think Romulation would do that to us...
    Would you...?
  17. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    you chose 'burn image to CD' and then choose the .ccd file (make sure the .img and .sub files are in the same folder as the .ccd). Burn at low speed on branded media.

    Worst case the game may have antipiracy checks.
  18. Sidmarill

    Sidmarill New Member

    Thanks Lion.
    I figured it out though, All you need to do is try :)

    Happy Holidays ;D
  19. eranie

    eranie New Member

    hey guys.. can some one help me.. im new with burning ps games.. can someone teach me how? step by step pls if its ok.. im really not good with computers.. i have nero 10 and dvd decrypter.. thanks...
  20. Chriso1201

    Chriso1201 New Member

    Ok so I've been tryin to burn cds and get then playing in my (chipped) ps1. All attempts so far reach the black PS logo screen and freezes there. Also the logo/screens is scrambled. Any help would be apriciated.


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