How to use cheats on no$gba emulator

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Gaara92, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Gaara92

    Gaara92 New Member


    I wander if someone really need to use cheats in the game using no$gba especially NDS games. Yeah, sure a lot people asking how to do it, well then let me teach you all. ;D


    Download a package of Cheating Tools

    P/S: You need to run no$gba 2.4 in order to use the cheats, version 2.5 and up will not working.
  2. Shuvo01

    Shuvo01 New Member

    It's easy without any extra programs.Just add ar codes on the cheat option.Codebreakers require the nds arm7 and 9 bioses.
  3. Gaara92

    Gaara92 New Member

    but i cannot put the cheats into the emulator, it will freeze, and nothing happened... :(

    do i need a bios in order to work?
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