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    Ok, here's the guide on how to use cheats on PSX games. You will required these things

    1. ePSXe emulator, if you don't have it, get it from the official site and this site: For PSX bios, just search it in the internet!
    2. PSX emulation cheater, you can get it from this site:

    After you've set up the PSX emulator, install the PSX emulation cheater and while you're installing this software, you've been asked to select the destination to put the plugin files. Then select the destination where you place the epsxe folder and select folder plugin and select ok. Then, after installtion, unmark launch the software box and click finish.

    Then open epsxe software, and go to config>video and select psx emulation cheater 2.5 and configure the plugin. While you're configure the plugin, select the video plugin that you want to choose and configure the plugin that you choose and after that, select ok.

    OK, this psx emulation cheater requires psx cd to play. If you don't have one but have psx game images, you will need to use the virtual cd rom software such as VirtualCloneDrive from this site:

    Then, install and open the virtual clone drive and select number of drives ( default: 1) and select ok. After that, go to the virtual cd drives in my computer and right-click and select virtualclonedrive> mount and select the PSX game image files.

    The next step is configure the cd-rom plugin by go to config>cdrom and select epsxe default cd plugin (plugins may vary on different OS) and configure the plugin by selecting the drives and select the virtual drive that you mount the PSX image files.

    After that, run cdrom and open the PSX emulation cheater and select the cd-rom driver to jump game into the driver ( remember the drive that used to play the psx games!). Then select the game that you've play on epsxe and select the cheat options. Remember, do not overselect the cheat codes and the psx emulator will crash! After that, just click 'send cheats to plugin' now you will enjoy using cheats!
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    The official epsxe site :)

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