I want to deactivate my account. How do I do it?

Discussion in 'Non-Emulation Help' started by paul1991, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. paul1991

    paul1991 New Member

    Hey all,
    I have stopped downloading games for my flash carts(Mostly because I'm afraid of being sued) and I want to close my romulation account(Mostly because romulation tracks my downloads and it is possible that nintendo could request the data if they sued romulation). Im not too worried becuase I have 6400 points(at 50 points each day), but I have only downloaded 3 things.

    I am just going to stick to homebrew for now, but I dont want my data on romulation. I want my account closed and my information erased. Can I do this myself? If only mods or admins can deactivate it, please post that you(The mod or admin) are going to do so and them do it. I do not plan on logging in again and I wont respond to any messages left an this topic.

    Thanks and bye.
  2. IceFiend

    IceFiend New Member

    Click on the tab at the top of the page marked "Profile"
    You'll see three sections on the rleftside. The bottom one contains only one link. It says "Delete account" Click that and(it should) delete it.

    And that stuff about being sued will never happen. Nintendo has never sued individual users, they're smart enough to know what that does. Note how much less everyone likes the RIAA now.

    Also, call it a hunch, but even if Nintendo wanted the stats on the server, I think they would mysteriously "disappear" before an order could ever be given.
  3. Phreak Hacker

    Phreak Hacker New Member

    I'm happy to say that I believe you're right about that. Fortunately, Nintendo has been a company that has remained commercial yet designed to cater to the interests of the public at large. Of course, we can't really vouch for that since even a company like Nintendo may resort to RIAA-like tendencies. But like you'd mentioned, we'll take precautions to make sure no one "damages" the reputation of this website with a frivolous law suit.

    Further reason to stop from HOTLINKING websites people - please stop doing that. The more we stick to the forum (and website) rules, the less chance there is of anything bad going down.
  4. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    Well having the account isn't illegal, and the database is very unstable, logs disappear from within my fingers. :)
  5. paul1991

    paul1991 New Member

    I know that generaly people arent sued, but my friend just got fined 14,000$USD for downloading games. I have deactivated all of my rom site accounts and will be very careful if I ever need anything.

    I might keep my account, if the database is that unstable. Mayhap my download info could... Fall between the cracks ;)

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