Love Plus Translation is on work

Discussion in 'Emulation News' started by kesadisan, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. kesadisan

    kesadisan New Member

    Good news everyone, we know many people have been crying for ages for this game to be translated

    and some random guys on VN translation is gathering some team to make this game English :D

    You guys can check it out here:

    I don't know many about game hacking, but maybe I'm going to help too :D
    you know Bug testing... LOL
  2. meganova

    meganova New Member

    Does it just started or what?
    oh.... *_*
  3. kesadisan

    kesadisan New Member

    they gathering some guys that can hack too...

    if you can, why not join?
  4. meganova

    meganova New Member

    I don't know Japanese.. :(

    wait, I think someone knew about the translating here...hehehe....*grin*
  5. crazytuna

    crazytuna Active Member

    are you thinking about the same person as me ;)
    but I believe that person is far too lazy
  6. Benares

    Benares New Member

    hope they dont lose their spirit. i played the game [finished rinko story] but is not that great without knowing whats happen and why
  7. mr.nintendo

    mr.nintendo New Member

    it looks good
  8. buchichu

    buchichu Member

    oh man, if people get this'll be heroes ^___^
  9. mr.nintendo

    mr.nintendo New Member

    hurry up and translate it ;D
  10. amarioshin

    amarioshin New Member

    we can translate those things....
    Japanese to alien grammar i think...
  11. debo2380

    debo2380 New Member

    Text Translation Walkthrough instead of Hacking the text of the Game.

    This project reminds me of a similar project that happened with Chrono Trigger. A bunch of hackers got together and made Chrono Trigger for PC, but not only that they converted the WHOLE game from 2D to 3D. I don't know how they managed to do it but they did. The makers of the game of course immediately cut off the hackers.

    Although I support your efforts 1,000% of the way, I just don't want all that hard work to go to waste if that happens again. So I'm offering the idea of a Text Translation Walkthrough as my Title says. That way, you have less work of hacking things. Either way, your team is going to have to play through the game 5,000 times (according to the commercial, 5,000 pieces of separate dialogue) to translate every possible text.

    The only difference between making the text walkthrough and hacking the text of the game is that there is a less chance of infringing anything and your hard work won't go to waste. But I'm just offering this idea, so you don't have to abide by me of course.
  12. tehuber1337

    tehuber1337 Active Member

    The circumstances are quite different here. Chrono Trigger Resurrection (if I recall the name right) was a total remake, whereas this is simply a little translation project.
    Well, Square Enix was responsible for the CT incident, but Love Plus is from Konami. Again, differing circumstances.
    As for the dialogue, nobody's going to play through the game that many times. Hackers are able to (and have) simply extracted the script from the rom.
    The rom hacking may infringe on something somewhere, but I highly doubt anyone cares enough to shut down this project. There are plenty of translation projects out there that have proceeded entirely unimpeded. Besides, even if it does happen to get shut down, the translation wouldn't necessarily go down with it.

    tl;dr = Relax, they'll be fine.
  13. bendystraw

    bendystraw New Member

    OMG! I hope they hurry up with it! LOL!
  14. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    Sorry, no LOL for you :p

    ROM Translations take time :p

    Sometimes it takes months or even years until a project reaches trial version 1.

    Especially with a DS game as current gen games have more coding involved with it that makes translations even more difficult.
  15. dragneon007

    dragneon007 New Member

    ohh wait LOL this is that game where that guy married that girl lol I mean his DS LOL
  16. mastersworddude

    mastersworddude New Member

    IS it weird that I kinda want to play this? lol
  17. herochane31

    herochane31 New Member

    dont forget dont marry your video game
  18. redoperator

    redoperator New Member

  19. Rabla

    Rabla New Member

    Ya know, if you can get past all the critism and lulz at the idea, its not that bad a game.

    Imagine an Anime, the cast is you and the 3 girls. The story goes depending on how you approach and react to different situations. To make it even better, it doesnt end. You can have 3 Save Files, so you can go for all 3 girls on the one cart/ROM.

    Considering the popularity of the game, Konami might even consider HIRING these people to do an official translation. Konami isnt as harsh as Square-Enix.
  20. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Active Member

    I doubt that actually.
    The West seems to hate these games.

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