M3i Zero F-Core for firmware released For DSi Firmware 1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U, 1.4A &

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    Good news if you have owned a M3i Zero!

    The M3 Team have finally released an updated F-Core file that will allow owners of the M3i Zero to run their entirely legally homebrew filled cart on their spiffy new DSi firmware 1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U, 1.4A & 1.4X.

    The following is the email from the M3 team:

    M3i Zero 1.4 firmware fix

    The attachment is F-core for updating .

    1. All machines are upgradable: even your machine has already been in firmware 1.4. And no need to find another bootable machine to perform the upgrading process.

    2. risk-free: flash card will not be damaged even the upgrading process is not successfully.

    3. fast and easy to update

    just plug in the "programming cable" and wait for about 30sec.

    The official update guide by the M3 Team is available from here .

    The firmware is available from here .

    Important: please make sure that your DSi is fully charged or powered to the wall to ensure the update to go through without interuption.

    If you think that this guide is helpful for other users, please share it with your friends, family members and other users on various online forums. After all, all great things are to be shared!


    A more detailed guide with pictures is available from

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