[NDS] 5253: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (USA)(PATCH)(FIXED)

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by sauman1, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. sauman1

    sauman1 New Member

    Pre-patched:(Romulation is password)


    Instructions: Extract both files to a new folder.
    Copy game to that new folder.
    Drag game onto Open Patch.exe.
    Click YES.
    Click OK.

    Patched game will be the .nds and original game will be the .bak

    I don't take credit for the patch, just posting it here. credit goes to retrogamefan for the patch.

    Working on:

    * AKAIO 1.8.0 Beta 2.1
    * DSTWO
    * Wood R4 1.13 (PATCHED ROM WORKS)
    * AKAIO 1.7.1
    * CycloDS
    * Wood R4

    Let me know about others that are working/not working.


    Feel free to make links for MF etc as well. Also a pre-patched rom due to it not working on some windows XP computers (such as mine -.-)
  2. hahahahaha

    hahahahaha Member

    Yeah, can someone help me with a mediafare link? Still got trouble with MU.
  3. sauman1

    sauman1 New Member

    a prepatched rom will be released soon in the other thread.
  4. Zaertix

    Zaertix New Member

    Rom has been posted:
  5. fclinux001

    fclinux001 New Member

    Confirmed working on:
    akaio 1.7.1(newest loaders)

    I was able to start, save, enter my name, save again, and load my data with out a problem.

    Card used: Acekard 2i, 1.4.1 patched
    System used: 1.4.1U sky blue dsi.
  6. kevinruling

    kevinruling New Member

    does this work perfectly on desmume 9.6??
  7. zanmato_

    zanmato_ New Member

    No need to write "all credits go to retrogamefan" in big font, because all credit doesn't go to him.
    Some credit goes to you for posting this. Some credit goes to the certain someone who taught retrogamefan about this stuff. Some credit goes to creator of the original hex fix he modified for this game (probably Rudolph or some 2ch guy).
    I understand that you want to give credit for him, but he doesn't deserve all credit, that's all I'm saying.
  8. Jakeysaurus

    Jakeysaurus Member

    I still can't manage to play it on an emulator. :x I downloaded the prepatched version, and non-patched with the patcher; I get black screen on No$ with them both.
  9. Prectorian

    Prectorian Valedictorian Staff Member

    Download DeSmume v.0.96. It work using that.

    I heard for No$GBA v.2.6, everyone been saying that it need the No$Zoomer added into it.
  10. hahahahaha

    hahahahaha Member

    Prepatched Rom not working on my Wood R4 v1.13.
    Can someone put the patch on mediafare?
  11. teheezin

    teheezin Guest

    So this works on the DSTT?
  12. den_lim

    den_lim New Member

    Wood 1.14 is out
  13. hahahahaha

    hahahahaha Member

    Hex-edited, working perfectly on Wood 1.13.
  14. kevinruling

    kevinruling New Member

    what abt desmume guys??
  15. Reme

    Reme New Member

    so far i havnt been able to get this to work with No$GBA with no$Zoomer ill keep trying and get back to u tho (freezes right after the game starts :( black screen)
  16. maduah06

    maduah06 New Member

    How do you make this work on the R4 with YSMENU
  17. kevinruling

    kevinruling New Member

    guys plz me tell for desmume..i am exp. lag and it fix is to just open 32 settings and click on ok
    then it wont lag until the map changes...this happend for prepatched rom
  18. Prectorian

    Prectorian Valedictorian Staff Member

    Important: make duplicate/copies before doing the below instructions!

    1. Change the Extinfo.DAT and Infolib.DAT inside the TTMENU Folder with the one I editted/made. And make sure you are using the latest TTMENU which is the Unofficial v.117a12rev32 or higher.

    The Link to those 2 .DAT files : http://www.mediafire.com/?v8zxzv8t480z8ab

    2. Download 'Open Patcher.EXE', and drag your game .NDS to the .EXE to get it patched.

    The Link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RBG93T3M

    3. After all the above process are done, place the files accrodingly in your cart.

    4. Run YSMENU.NDS, scroll down to the game name. Don't start yet! Look at the touch screen. You should see at least 2 small boxes to tick. The boxes names are in order from left to right; DMA, RESET, CHEAT. What you need to do is tick at least the DMA and RESET, but if you have cheats for it go ahead and tick it also.

    5. Start your game! DONE....

    ** If after patching the game still gives you white screen or froze at the "Booting". You need to look in Google Search and download 'eNDcryptS.EXE'. Put your game .NDS into the same folder as the .EXE, press "1". Make sure the screen says --> "encrypted > decrypted : 1 ROM". If it show "decrypted > encrypted : 1 ROM", you need to use the eNDcryptS.exe 1 more time. **

    ## For wood R4 users must use the' xDelta GUI.EXE' patcher not the 'open patcher.EXE'. ##
  19. Apacar2

    Apacar2 New Member

    For people with R4 with wood 1.14
    Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs
    No need for patching!
    Wood 1.14:
  20. Niyologist

    Niyologist New Member

    Does anybody know the Game ID for this game?

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