[NDS] Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 (U) Lumos Help!

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by rarar, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. rarar

    rarar New Member

    Basically, I keep trying to cast 'Lumos' on the Devil's Snare, but it's not working. I'm on the Legilimancy bit, where you're at King Cross Station. I keep holding down the stylus to cast Lumos, and the circle appears on the top screen, but when I hover over the Devil's Snare, I can't cast it at it.

    I've tried on different levels as well, but I can't cast any spells at the Devil's Snare.

    Any help or answers most appreciated!

  2. marretakkebos

    marretakkebos Member

    You have to select lumos, then you just press A and your want will light-up. Then you walk closer to the devils snare and it will disappear. press A again and Lumos will disappear.
  3. rarar

    rarar New Member

    Okay, thank you so much! I was really stuck - I thought my game was broken.

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