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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by iluvfupaburgers, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Active Member


    [*]White screen when game starts

    [*]Supercard DSTwo - latest patch and clean mode
    [*]Desmume VS2008 and above
    [*]YSMenu - jhon591 fixes v6038
    [*]Akaio 1.8.9z with patched rom
    [*]Edge 2.3 with patched rom
    [*]Wood 1.49

    Not Working:

    AP Fix AR Code
    credit to: elixirdream, unknown, demonic722
    !!!Pokemon Conquest (U)
    !!VPYT D50A86CD
    ::Game Enabler Code
    :::Anti-Piracy Fix
    E20044E0 000000A0 
    E59F0000 E12FFF1E 
    0000B3CF E59F0000 
    E12FFF1E 0000B975 
    E59F0000 E12FFF1E 
    0000A883 E59F0000 
    E12FFF1E 0000C127 
    E92D401F E28F0024 
    E5901000 E3510001 
    08BD801F E5912000 
    E5903004 E1520003 
    05904008 05814000 
    E280000C EAFFFFF5 
    02216E30 6A2164FC 
    6A0044E0 02216EDC 
    6A2164FC 6A0044EC 
    02216FB4 6A217488 
    6A0044F8 02217060 
    6A217888 6A0044E0 
    02218778 6A217488 
    6A004500 00000001  
    52004EBC E12FFF1E 
    02004EBC EAFFFD93 
    D2000000 00000000
    AP Patcher:

    AP Patch v2 | UploadMirrors
    AP Patch v2 | Turtleshare

    Problems With AKAIO?

    If you're using a patched ROM and it still doesn't load, try this version:
    AKAIO 1.8.9z

    XXXX - Pokémon Conquest (USA) | RomUlation

    XXXX - Pokémon Conquest (USA) (PATCHEDv2) | UploadMirrors
    XXXX - Pokémon Conquest (USA) (PATCHEDv2) | TurtleShare
  2. sylar1000

    sylar1000 New Member

    If only defeating Anti Piracy was a wide known thing lol
  3. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    It kind of is... people just don't listen.
    Hopefully Jhon591 can work on it when he gets online.
  4. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Active Member

    yes, that would be great
  5. abyss.infinity

    abyss.infinity New Member

    doesnt work with DS-scene rom tool?
  6. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Active Member

    there is no patch for the game yet
  7. sylar1000

    sylar1000 New Member

    Not really, you have to hex edit and all that stuff. Very complicated
  8. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    I might try and learn. Help out and stuff.
  9. Shnizzle

    Shnizzle New Member

    Doesn't work on Cyclo DS Evo
  10. missionboy2

    missionboy2 Member

    Confirming (once again) that it does not work with AKAIO 1.8.9z

    POI: Has anyone tried the Jap patch on it? I can't find a link to the patch that I could do with xdelta or something simple, but someone else might know.
  11. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Active Member

    That patch only exists within the AP patcher as far as I know. Only those who edit it have access to the database, and otherwise, there's no way that I'm aware of to extract the ROM fix. Regardless, the AP generally is different between regions, and even when it's the same, the AP points always differ.
  12. ultrazai

    ultrazai New Member

    just wanted to share that I had trouble getting it to work on supercard dstwo.
    only using an old sd card deleting all files from it and then installing the latest firmware and patches got it working for me.
  13. fakk321

    fakk321 New Member

    Not working for R4 Gold. Yay.
  14. jeffrey4814

    jeffrey4814 New Member

    edge 2.3 not working

    PHDIKOULAS New Member

    would be great if some peeps told just card and if its working or not

    guess its hard

    cyclods latest patch , not working
  16. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Active Member


    Not working on anything but what's stated in the OP. The game doesn't work on anything else, with the same white screens. Nintendo did a good job with their AP this go around. It'll still get cracked within the day, I'm sure, so it isn't like the long wait is ahead of us.
  17. trev1

    trev1 Member

    from what i see and hear ...all cards except the dstwo running in clean mode dont work...heres for the smart dstwo users who put out extra money for a cart JUST for times like this!

    this is from the supercard forum
  18. Carpenoctum

    Carpenoctum New Member

    Trying to get this to run on my DSTWO with no luck, fully updated FW and patches, running in clean mode and not had to delete the dtc files as none have been generated, I'm running it on a 4GB card though so maybe it's that. someone on the main thread mentioned it worked fine on a 16GB which I don't have so can't test. Just an update on my experience so far. Fingers crossed for a patch soon :)
  19. lachy0192

    lachy0192 New Member

    im doing a let's play for this on youtube and i use no$gba/no$zoomer with my other ds let's plays and yeah it works on desmume fine but that i cant use fraps on desume and that ruins me doing a live commentary so my question is will there be a fix for it that will make it work on no$gba?
  20. jaimyinthahouse

    jaimyinthahouse New Member

    @ Carpenoctum

    I have the same card,sd and update fw and patches + clean mode, and it works fine on mine now =)
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    Btw I hope this is going 2 be the same when Black 2 and White 2 are released this Saturday =)

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