nestopia emulator rom cheats?

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by arbitor365, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. arbitor365

    arbitor365 New Member

    where do I download cheats and how do I use them? I use nestopia and it has a cheats option so I know its capable of using them.
  2. 1prinnydood

    1prinnydood Guest

    Nestopia uses game genie codes. You can get them here

    I have no idea how you use them in nestopia as I have never tried it.
  3. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    you manually input codes onto nestopia's two cheat windows. There are two cheat input windows because you use one (the one on top) for codes you would want to keep always active, whilst the bottom window is for codes you use temporarily.

    And no, Nestopia not only uses Game genie codes, it also uses "RAW" codes you would find by searching hex addresses of games. It also supports codes for a Pro Action Rocky device.
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