Pokémon Black and White R4 SDHC Fix!

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Rykin122, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Rykin122

    Rykin122 Guest

    Oké this fix is a bit complicated, but it works.
    Ow and read the title, this is only for R4 SDHC.
    Note: You're free to try it any other flashcard ;)
    And I didn't find this, it was Aurionfox who found it.
    Note: The titles marked red are the most important ones.

    What this will do:
    - Make Pokémon B & W playable on R4 SDHC
    - Disable the Anti-Piracy "glitch" that you can't get EXP
    - Disable the Anti-Piracy "glitch" that causes freeze
    - Create a save with only the name pre-defined.

    Things you will need:
    - Pokemon Black/White rom
    - Rudolph patch for the freezes *
    - Special SAVE files *
    - Lunar Ips for Exp fix *
    - PC and R4SDHC
    - Official kernel 1.34
    - microSD
    The "*" points are included in the downloads below.

    Tutorial (might be a bit complex at some points):
    1.- Get a clean pokemon white or black rom

    2.- Extract the contents of "R4 SDHC Fix.rar" and to the things in spoiler below.

    3.- Now use the IPS patcher for the Experience AP

    4.- Copy everything that is on The "SD" folder to the root of your microSD.

    5.- Copy your patched rom to your microSD.

    6.- Start your DS

    7.- Boot WAIO.NDS

    8.- Boot woodr4dldi.nds

    9.- Once that is finish, find your rom, press (Y) then (Y) again.

    10.- Press R and make sure Cheat In Game(AR) is off and Reset In Game is Off, Then press A to save, then A again.

    11.- Boot your rom, it should freeze with two white screens, that's normal.

    12.- Reset your DS, then repeat steps 8 + 9 (only those two).

    13.- Connect your SD to your PC again and delete the SAVE file.

    14.- Put the special SAVE file (made by Aurionfox) on the SD root.
    Note: The name of the save must be the same as the game. Example if your rom is "White.nds" then your save should be "White.sav".

    15.- Reset your DS, then repeat steps 8 + 9 (only those two).

    16.- Once that is finish, find your rom, press (Y) then (Y) again.

    17.- Set the "Save type" option to 64M, then press A to save, then A again.

    18.- Boot your game and try to load it. If it does, try to save. If it save's, then you're done. If not continue.

    19.- Reset your DS, then repeat steps 8 + 9 (only those two).

    20.- Once that is finish, find your rom, press (Y) then (Y) again.

    21.- Set the "Save type" option to 32M, then press A to save, then A again.

    22.- Boot your game and try to load it. If it does, try to save. If it save's then you're done.
    Note: If it doesn't load or save, repeat step 15 to 21, but change "Save Type" to a lower number.
    Keep trying this untill it works. If it does, then you're happy because you can save and all :)
    Remember: Don't forget to run r4wooddldi.nds before you play. You have to do that every time.

    Important note:
    This make's a save already appear on the game.
    If you want to create your own name, press SELECT + B + UP to delete your save file.
    Note: keep picking the above option to delete.
    Then just start a new game with your own name :)
    If you save, you will find that your saving works.

    Also, when you find your character freezing when you load the game, turn off the C-gear.

    Links (just click them!):
    - The files: Click here! (Mediafire)

    If you don't have clean rom's yet:
    - Pokémon Black ROM: Click here!
    - Pokémon White ROM: Click here!
  2. shadowfox1

    shadowfox1 New Member

  3. Amorda

    Amorda New Member

    Does this work for r4i sdhc? Or just orginal r4 users?
  4. shadowfox1

    shadowfox1 New Member

    i think only original r4 users... hoping it was for r4i-sdhc
  5. Rykin122

    Rykin122 Guest

    Note: this is for R4 SDHC, but you're free to try this on any other card.


    Just added something, be sure to re-check the topic.

    The files are uploaded and available.
  6. jouadboy

    jouadboy New Member

    I have R4 SDHC this ONE

    When i load the rom i get only LOADING and then it freezes but i dont have Official kernel 1.34 i have R4i V1.25b can you give me kernel 1.34 if it works ??
  7. Rykin122

    Rykin122 Guest

    I'm sorry but I can't help you with that clone (as it is unknown to me).
    But you can try the R4i SDHC website. Google "R4i SDHC" then click first one.
  8. 9lucario9

    9lucario9 New Member

    Some help please?

    Well, I've installed all the shit and stuff.... Rom loaded, saved, but now I wanted to delete the girl-character and make a boy-one...
    So I pressed SELECT+B and then the screen turned black and NOTHING happened anymore!!
    Then I tried to press UP+SELECT+B in this way, but the same black screen appeared again...

    Ive R4 SDHC with fw 1.34, installed Wood R4, dunno what version it is :p (Is it 1.13??)

    Help is WELCOME please? :(
  9. Shoutaro-Saito

    Shoutaro-Saito New Member

    Thx a lot,this works. XD
  10. lefair

    lefair New Member

    When I go to patch the Rom you supplied it gives me an error saying: Can't find the Universal Code pattern to be patched.
  11. dskartmasta

    dskartmasta New Member

    What do you do when you don't get the white screens just a loading screen? I never got pasted it. The card I have says R4 upgrade revolution DS(NDSL/NDS) then this website. http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/indexe.asp
    I have the 1.25b firmware.
  12. kenny6457

    kenny6457 New Member

    will theis work on r4 sdhc ver 1.18?
    if so upload it prepatched please
  13. dezmomo

    dezmomo New Member

    ON the Pokemon White file, there are like 15 files. Which one do we use?
  14. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    Extract the .r00 file. I know, it's very complicated and could of been made alot easier if they would of just had one file in one archive
  15. shadowwalke

    shadowwalke New Member

    i cant find the ips patch

    EDIT: Failed to work on R4I SDHC V2.0 by Happy Box
  16. kenny6457

    kenny6457 New Member

    for someone who got them prepatched with this patch please upload it prepatched plz
  17. Vahik

    Vahik New Member

    Hi, u got a prepatch rom plzz?
  18. minhtien99

    minhtien99 New Member

    hi, can you tell me where is r4 sdhc root please?
    i'm only 12 so i'm not sure
  19. yin

    yin New Member

    the root folder is basically the first directory. its the folder that contains everything else. basically if you open your sd card from the computer menu then thats the root.
    and jus as a shout out, i dont know if it is the original r4 [the box says (for ndsl&nds) www.r4ds.com and its not sdhc] but i followed the instructions and it worked for me.

    95% sure its the original
  20. jahsiah1

    jahsiah1 New Member

    dude could you please do a pre-patched for the r4sdhc?

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