Pokémon Black & White AP Thread

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Kiekoes, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest


    The new games Pokémon Black & Pokémon White have AP.

    Lists of working cards and not working cards are pointless since you won't read them anyway :)
    So try the rom clean. If it doesn't work, try these patches.
    Start fresh with the latest firmware available for your flashcart.
    Search the topic for answers about your specific flashcart.
    Try turning on/off the settings of your flashcart, like patching, soft-reset, etc.

    DeSmuME v0.9.6

    Pokémon Black & White English Pre-Patched ROMs (Official v6 Patched)
    5216 - Pocket Monsters Black (JPN)(BAHAMUT) English v6 | MediaFire
    5215 - Pocket Monsters White (JPN)(BAHAMUT) English v6 | MediaFire

    Pokémon Black & White Anti Piracy Patch
    5216 - Pocket Monsters Black (JPN)(BAHAMUT) AP Patch | MultiUpload
    5215 - Pocket Monsters White (JPN)(BAHAMUT) AP Patch | MultiUpload

    Amorda's TTDS Fix

    I figured out what needs to be done to get around this problem. You will need to download two files. First off, you need to have Pong and Retro's updated TTDSmenu. I'm assuming all of you have it since that's what you are running the game on. Also, download this:


    This is the Japanese version of the TTDS menu.
    Now, take off Pong and Retro's TTDS menu off of your card COMPLETELY and put them in a seperate folder on your desktop. (We will be using this later! Also Make sure you keep your original firmware on your cart.) After doing that, take all the files from the link above and put them on the root of your cart just as you have been doing with the regular TTDS menu. Once you have done this go back to Pong and Retro's TTDS menu files and take the TTmenu.nds file ONLY and transfer that to root of your cart with the other files. Now, time to test it out. Run the TTDS.nds file on your DS like you have been doing. Then, run the rom. Everything should be beautiful.

    EVOLUTION IS WORKING. I know because I tested it. :D

    Wood R4 v1.16

    Pokémon Black and White No$Gba Fix
    First, use the following code to bypass the blue screen, it's for both Black and White:
    02006F2C 00000000
    02180B8C 00000000
    Put it in as Action Replay and RAW.
    After that, use these codes:

    52006f2c fdd8f1d8
    02006f2c 00000000
    d2000000 00000000
    52180b88 42018811
    52180b8c 4770d1fc
    12180b8c 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000
    52006f2c fde8f1d8
    02006f2c 00000000
    d2000000 00000000
    52180ba8 42018811
    52180bac 4770d1fc
    12180bac 000046c0
    d2000000 00000000
  2. Twilight1001

    Twilight1001 New Member

    Where does AP kick in?
  3. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    No one knows.
  4. fyermen8

    fyermen8 New Member

    does it work on ttds??? i need it :D
  5. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Active Member

    I guess I'll try YSMenu if I can find a link to get it.
  6. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    There is already one mediafire link done, go check the NDS section, pokemon white is at 71% right now.
  7. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Active Member

    I meant a link to get YSMenu. I've already tried black on Wood R4.
  8. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    You're gonna get warned/banned for that.
  9. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Active Member

    Warned maybe. Banned? I don't think so
  10. evilo

    evilo New Member

    Hey, I've been trying to get it to work on acecard 2i and keep getting white screened. Apparently it DOES work, but i'm not sure what firmware i should be running on it so it does work. Any help?
  11. Kiekoes

    Kiekoes Guest

    He already did it 4 times before in the NDS Section.
  12. deneel

    deneel New Member

    latest firmware (akaio 1.7.1) works fine for me i am at the choose your char part
    link: http://www.akaio.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=557&f=8
  13. Twilight1001

    Twilight1001 New Member

    Yeah, it's working fine for me as well.
  14. wasbeer500

    wasbeer500 New Member

    Acekard 2.1 with Akaio 1.7.1. confirmed to be NOT working. Keep getting a black and white screen (funny huh -_-)
  15. armandoduck

    armandoduck New Member

    i heard the ap may be bieng unable to recieve exp after battles
  16. p4tman

    p4tman New Member

    Latest firmware with Itouch DS (V3.8E).
    Works until you finish the speech with the professor then it freezes.

    So pretty much not working.
  17. khalil-chidori

    khalil-chidori New Member

    in akaio we can't get exp
  18. Twilight1001

    Twilight1001 New Member

    I'm not getting exp either....
  19. Shadowdark96

    Shadowdark96 New Member

    It does work with wood r4 1.12!!!You have to put reset in game to 'off'
  20. BenbowJ

    BenbowJ New Member

    Instead of everything going out and looking for a fix for just akio or whatever it is why doesnt someone make it so that it works on all carts because those with R4 and others cant even play yet so...

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