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    For now I won't actually make tools to edit roms....that should be a little ways a way, atleast until i figure out how to directly write hex into a file at a specific address but for now I have two tools of use.


    This is a script generator. There are a few bugs I'm sure I mean come on this is only the first version.
    It also dual functions as a script compiler...thanks to PKSV and Score_Under.
    So all credit goes completely to Score_Under for anything under the PKSV Possibilities menu.
    However seeing as this is an optional feature ( and requires a .dll aquired from PKSV).
    It is not my file and therefore isn't right for me to distribute.
    The program features a few of the built in scripts from PKSV's script generator.
    It makes it easy to edit scripts and such.
    Just click edit-->commands then click your command to add after that the proper syntax appears and you edit the contents inside the "[" and "]" with what they tell you to. Also...be sure to remove the [ and ] because if you don't your script won't work!
    The best part is...This works for XSE as well! just save the script is all ya gotta do.
    available contact methods for all three of us (Hackmew, Score_Under, and me (the blob of blobs) ) are provided in the program for comments and suggestions.
    Hackmew, if you have a problem with available contacts please tell me and I will remove them within a blink of an eye.
    The program also features some nice syntax highlighting known as Scintilla. This as well is thanks to Score_Under.
    Which by the way increased the lines of code by around 800 if i was guessing. Just a nice little feature for those of you who get very bored and can see yourself going "oohhhh shiny...."
    the programs' txtboxes can zoom in and out! just push ctrl+scroll mouse wheel!

    Or you can alternately download the program that doesn't rely on any external files, unless you don't want it to look ugly and the file is included in the .rar

    Please enjoy and post any comments you have in this thread. This way everyone will learn!

    Download here- http://solidfiles.com/d/v2Ru

    All you need to do is download PKSV by Score_Under
    then put SG.exe in the same folder as PKSV, then in order to put it in your ROM,drag your ROM into the main window (next version may include a dialogbox for opening ROMs and not just to open scripts) then you click 'compile' under the PKSV possibilities menu and your script is now placed in the game and u just have to 1) copy the offsets and 2) insert them into a map somewhere for useage!
    1)Download PKSV
    2)Open your script
    3)Open your ROM
    4)Push 'F9' (or ROM tools-->compile)
    5)Copy and insert your script offsets into a map with AdvanceMap
    1)Download XSE by hackmew...
    2)make your script with the 'xse' radiobutton checked
    3)open your script from XSE
    4)compile your script with the 'compile' button
    5)Copy and insert offsets

    All credit to The blob of blobs.

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