Pokemon soul silver ability modifier?

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by LatinoJr, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. LatinoJr

    LatinoJr New Member

    Does anyone know the action replay codes for changing the ability of a Pokemon? I would really appreciate the help. ;D
  2. Akuma

    Akuma New Member

    I don't believe there is actually AR codes to modify that, but you can use a program called PokeSav to edit nearly anything in the game.

    Download link:
  3. LatinoJr

    LatinoJr New Member

    thanks man this is useful
  4. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Active Member

    Easiest way to take the entire fun out of the game is pokesav a Wonderguard Spiritomb. :p
  5. s_quizno

    s_quizno New Member

    True enough. But actually, isn't Sableye better? Same typing, just higher speed.

    EDIT: Ahh I forgot. The site with the Pokesav also offers a DS homebrew Pokemon sav file modifier, PPSE (or something like that). It's pretty useful, but since I can't program the PIV/PID (or something like that) values with it, I only use it for items and EV training, oh and moveset modifications.
  6. three_strangers

    three_strangers New Member

    While we're on the subject of Wonder Guard Spiritomb/Sableye, I was looking at the move Role Play (Mimics the target and copies its special ability). Can anyone tell me about it? I was thinking of a wonderful NON-HACKING way to make Spiritomb/Sableye get Wonder Guard during battle. Shedinija and those two can't learn Skill Swap, but thanks to HG/SS move tutors, Sableye can at least learn Role Play. Will Sableye be able to get Wonder Guard using Role Play? Please test this out for me.
  7. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Active Member

    Interesting. I'm still trying to find a way to get Sheer Cold or some OHKO move onto Machamp with No Guard. Or Machamp's Ability transferred to someone with an OHKO move.
  8. s_quizno

    s_quizno New Member

    Hahaha, such a highly situational single battle or for use in double battles only . . . at the moment, I have neither, maybe I'll "catch" them later.

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