Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold No$GBA or Desmume

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Dash Endar, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Dash Endar

    Dash Endar New Member

    How do I go about doing this. I've tried the firmwares/bios way on No$GBA, still kept freezing. I've tried the NO$GBA AR Codes, it kept freezing too. I've tried Desmume, and it crashes. Is there no fix for it to make it 100% playable? Or do people not care anymore? I really want to play soul silver, it's the only pokemon game I haven't played it because I can't get past Dark Cave without a freeze or a rom image crashing. Please help me. I'm running Windows 7, attempting to use NO$GBA 2.6a or Desmume 0.9.7. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.
  2. yassine1

    yassine1 New Member

    No$gba/No$zoomer+ AR Codes or Prepatched version ( but still i advise you to patch the rom yourself ) just use the retrogamefan patch it fixes every freeze ( it worked for me at least ^^').
    Maybe you can't get it worket because you play with the clean (U) rom? It is reaaaaaly annoying to have a freeze every 10mn :s

    here's the link for retrogamefan patch: only for these releases so ^^ :4842 - Pokemon SoulSilver and 4788 - Pokemon SoulSilver , the problem is when i look these roms from their number release i get another nds games?!


    anyway just try to patch any CLEAN UNTRIMMED ROM of PkmnSS and look if it works :s
    I don't use emulators it's a bit complicated to run games like these, so good luck with what's left
  3. Dash Endar

    Dash Endar New Member

    I tried that patch and it still freezes occassionally. Is there no one else here who can help me? If it is just impossible, I will stop trying. But, I really want to play the game because gold and silver are my favorite pokemon games. It would also be helpful to post working links if you do know how to get Soul Silver working. Thanks.
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    For a technical help forum, this place is pretty dead and useless...
  4. maxmahito

    maxmahito New Member

    No, this forum is not dead and useless.It's just that you're question is pretty HOPELESS.The SS/HG games were never perfectly playable.I don't why though.Even black and White are entirely emulated by desmume, but HG/SS are not emulated perfectly.Freezes every now and then occur even with patch.

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