Tutorial: How to convert PSX images to EBOOT.pbp using PSX2PSP

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    I thought this was common sense for anyone who has a CFW'ed PSP but here we go.
    This tutorial was made so that other people can refer this tutorial to those who ask how to get it working.


    There are 3 ways to do this.
    1. PSX2PSP
    2. Icetea
    3. popstation using popsloader

    There is more than one method to getting the same product so I will be covering only Method 1, which is this one.

    So you have a PSX image.
    You cannot play this image directly using your PSP.
    You must convert it to a special format.

    Let's assume that the game that you have is Final Fantasy IX (Disc 1).

    The image that I have is a .img file (the .cue isn't important since you are not burning the image).
    How do I know that it is a .img file? It says right on extension of the file. FF9CD1.img

    Does it matter if it is .img, or .iso, or any other format?
    .iso, .img, are supported. Not too sure about the obscure ones like .nrg or .cdi or anything out of the ordinary.
    It's best to just try it.

    The program that I will be using is called PSX2PSP.
    Google it.
    Download it.

    Go here: http://popsdb.twystneko.com/list.php?id=1
    This is the popstation image packs to customize the boot screens of your EBOOT files so that they have a moving picture, background, music, icon in the PSP XMB menu.
    Download some pretty pictures and since you can't preview the sound, or the animations, just get one and see if you like it when you have a finished product.

    I have PSX2PSP v.1.4.2

    This is what the first screen looks like.
    All of the fields are explained on the picture.
    If you don't have a similar screen, you either have an older version or a newer version.
    Don't freak out.
    Hit Convert when you are satisfied with your setup.

    This is the Options menu. Make it exactly like this one and you'll like the results better than the default bubbly icon crap.
    This gives you the rigid preview icon thing like most PSP games are normally.

    After that, you have to put the EBOOT.pbp file (found on your desktop that's in a folder (probably the SLUS ID tag) onto your PSP.

    It goes in the directory

    Make a folder for the EBOOT.pbp file since if you want more than one PSX game, you'll need to separate them since they cannot have the same filename in the same location.

    So my EBOOT.pbp goes in X:\PSP\GAME\FF9.

    Test it out by trying to play it.
    If not, then feel free to ask on the forum.

    Feel free to try using Icetea, although I haven't had any problems with PSX2PSP.
    If it is indeed a problem game, then use popstation and popsloader. All of your pretty little backgrounds and stuff won't be saved but at least it will play.

    A few words of advice:
    You cannot reconvert an already converted EBOOT.pbp file.
    Either use the starting image or use Extract ISO to get yourself the image and then use the image to convert (I encountered this when I wanted to change the pictures or sound since I didn't like it).
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    Anyone who needs a BASE.PBP file can use mine from here:

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    what do i do if it doesnt work
  4. insanecrazy07

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    Lol, I have no idea...

    You're doing it wrong?

    The last time I used this program was when I posted the tutorial.
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    There are several tutorials which can be based on convert it can more than one PSX game, you will need to separate them since they cannot have the same filename in the same location.

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