Updating Acekard 2i Firmware Fix For DSi Firmware 1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U, 1.4A & 1.4X

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    Important: if you want to update you AceKard 2i on your DSi console, please make sure that your DSi console is having a firmware version lower than 1.4X (1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U, & 1.4A). If your DSi has been updated to version 1.4X, you will need to use a DS Lite console to update your Acekard 2i. Please take note, the firmware is different from the driver.

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    If you do not know how to check the firmware version, please visit our guide here

    1. Check if your Acekard has the driver on. If you can see the following Acekard operating system interface on your DSi or DS Lite console, that means your Acekard DSi driver is on.

    If your Acekard 2i does not have the driver on, please visit the driver installation guide here:

    2. Now, download the firmware from here .

    3. Unzip the firmware file downloaded, there are two firmware update files

    a) For DSi :ak2ifw_update_14_DSi.nds
    b) For DS Lite :ak2ifw_update_14_DSL.nds
    c) If you have multiple Acekard 2i cards that you wish to update all in a row, run on the DS Lite console using ak2ifw_update_14_DSL.nds

    4. Now copy the appropriate firmware file to the root folder of the microSD memory card.

    5. Plug in the microSD to the Acekard 2i and insert the Acekard 2i to the DS console.

    6. Select the microSDCard icon on the main operating system


    7. Select the firmware file AK2IFW_UPDATE_14_DSI.NDS by pressing A on the right hand side control pad.

    8. You will be prompted if you want to update the firmware as follows:


    9. Press Start on the DS to continue

    10. The following screen shows that the update has been started.


    11. The following screen shows that the update is halfway done.


    12. The following screen shows that the update has been completed. Congratulation! Restart your DS now.


    13. The Acekard icon on the DSi main menu has been changed to that for DANNY PHANTOM URBAN JUNGLE THQ.

    14. Enjoy!
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    what do you mean by driver?
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    Acekard 2i Firmware Fix For Firmware 1.4.1E, 1.4.1J, 1.4.1U, 1.4.1A & 1.4.1X

    If you updated to FW 1.4.1, download this instead of the patch shown above. The AK2i/Danny Phantom icon will be replaced with Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.
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    what do u do if you already have updated the dsi firmware??
  5. iluvfupaburgers

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    look for a friend that has a DSL
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    will alex rider work on DSi 1.4
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    Brilliant post! Thank you. :)
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    Is there an update for ver 1.4.5u?
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    No. It's dead.

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