Using R4iGold Deluxe Edition but can\'t get it into 3DS mode

Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by dpsmith, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. dpsmith

    dpsmith New Member

    Hi, any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated. I've got a 3DS running on 4.4.0-10U but I can't get the system to kick into 3DS mode when I press "Nintendo DS Profile". I've reformatted 2 micro sd's (one for each flashcart) and the 3DS's sd card as mentioned, ran the wood kernel 1.64 through the blue card and entered "3DS Mode", went back to Home, put the launcher.dat file on the sd card and reinserted it into the sd slot, went through the menu to the "Nintendo DS Profile" button and pressed it, but that's as far as it goes............ no resetting and flashing of screens, just opens the basic profile page asking to change message and color, that's it....
    I've looked through every manual I could find trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, tried putting the launcher.dat file on the micro sd as well as the system's sd card. I've got to be messing up somewhere, just can't figure out where. Has anyone else had the same problem that the launcher.dat file isn't kicking in? I'm utterly confused over something that should be so simple..... Help please.
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    I forgot to mention that I did have the system on the whole time between switching from blue card to profile menu, thanks.
  2. angusangus

    angusangus Member

    Hi, I have 2 x 3DS's and when I received my flashcarts, they came with the following instructions.
    You can find these on most sellers sites.
    Did you follow it to the letter, formatting the microcard in FAT32 first?

    R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition User Instruction

    Step 1. Format Micro SD card in Fat32. Download the newest Wood R4 kernel , and extract the “.rar” file to get two files below, and then copy them to the ROOT of the MicroSD card.

    Step 2. Insert the Micro SD card(Preloaded wood kernel) into the “Blue Card” and Running.
    1) Click “START” of the WOOD Menu and choose “3DS Setup”;

    2) Press button “B” to setup.

    3) Press button “A” to power down or “Home” to return to main menu.

    Step 3. Extract the “Firm(3DS_Card).rar” and Copy “Launcher.dat” file to the ROOT of the SD card (for 3DS). And insert into the SD Card SLOT.

    Step 4. Launching “STARTER” mode (repeat every power cycle).

    Wait for 5-8 seconds for system to re boot into “STARTER” mode

    After this, it's a matter of 'writing' a 3D game to another microcard and taking it from there.
  3. dpsmith

    dpsmith New Member

    Yeah, I formatted both micros and the sd card, micros in Fat32. I've made it through setting up the 3DS Setup on the blue card and returning to home, adding the launcher.dat file to the 3DS's sd card, reinserting in its slot, but when I press the "Nintendo DS Profile" it simply goes to the profile menu instead of starting the launcher.dat. It doesn't go through a system reboot or flashing, it just sits on the profile page. I've tried being very precise on taking out the blue card at different stages after done using it, inserting the sd card before going into the system settings, after getting into the profile just before pressing Nintendo DS Profile button. The system is 4.4.0-10, so it should work. I don't know if it's not engaging from the 3DS setup on the blue card, but I get the message:

    3DS setup process is completed.
    Press HOME button and go to main menu.
  4. BootlegGreg

    BootlegGreg New Member

    i would d/l the launcher file and try again,
    or try the newer file,
    3.3 came out 2 days ago.
    hopefully that works,
    good luck
  5. dpsmith

    dpsmith New Member

    Unfortunately I've tried the v2.0, v3.0, v3.2, v3.3 and v3.3b launcher file which I think v3.3b is v2.0 anyhow.
    Thanks for the input. I know it's gotta be something really stupid that I'm missing.
  6. angusangus

    angusangus Member

    When I first did mine, I came up against the problem of the Profile Page staying on but I realised that whilst I had been messing about, I had tried my old Acecart in the slot so the console needed 'setting up' again but I realise you haven't done anything like that.

    I followed the instructions to the letter. Ensure that you have a 3D game on another microSDcard and inserted in the Gold cart. Then, when you go to system settings/other settings/profile/Nintendo DS Profile the screen should go blank for about 5 - 8 seconds then spring back to life at the original front screen.

    Scroll back along to the left and you should then see your game icon in the position that was empty earlier (2nd from the left)

    Just a thought, you are using the diskimaging application to write to your memory card aren't you?
  7. dpsmith

    dpsmith New Member

    I the disk imager from the website.
    Having the red card in while I booted into 3ds mode I hadn't tried yet, but it didn't work, either, unfortunately. To make sure I'm understanding right, the launcher.dat file is meant to be on the 3ds' sd card, right? Not on the red card's micro sd?
  8. angusangus

    angusangus Member

    Check this

    http://3ds-flashcard (.) com/blog/tutorialhow-to-setup-r4i-gold-3ds-deluxe-edition-for-3ds-romsgames-step-by-step/]

    In case the forum bocks the link, I have copied it but with brackets around the dot. Remove them and close up the gap!

    It is step by step.

    Hope that explains better?
  9. dpsmith

    dpsmith New Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I used the guide on the website and still nothing, though. I don't know if it's something wrong with the loader.dat but I do know in my search I came across a forum talking about Gateway added a system brick code into their loader.dat to keep the clone cards from being able to work and bricking your 3DS at the same time. I'm not so sure I'm wanting to keep trying anymore, but I'd rather wait it out and see what happens over the next couple months.
  10. angusangus

    angusangus Member

    Okay, can't understand what is going wrong if you are following the instructions, step by step? Good luck
  11. dangerpuppypower

    dangerpuppypower New Member

    I just received my R4i 3ds gold deluxe cards and I'm having the exact same problem as dpsmith. My 3DS is 4.4.0-10u and it won't go past the profile screen. What I've done: format a microSD card (using FAT32), copy wood firmware 1.64 on it, put this microSD card into the dark R4i card. Format the SD card from my 3DS (using FAT32), copy launcher.dat from the 3.3b firmware onto it. Turn off my 3DS. Put the dark R4i gold deluxe card into 3DS. Start 3DS, pick the card to start the wood launcher. Pick "3DS setup", press B, let it finish, then press the home button. I remove the 3DS card w/o turning off the 3DS. I insert the SD card. My 3DS says it has to configure the card. Once it's done I go to "System Settings" -> "Other Settings" -> "Profile" then "Nintendo DS Profile." Instead of rebooting it asks me about updating my message and color.

    I have used my old Acekard that I've used in my DS Lite in my 3DS. I suspect the above post that says I'd have to "set up" my 3DS again means I have to reset it. Apart from that (which I haven't tried yet as I don't want to loose my eShop stuff) I can't think of anything else.
  12. RickV

    RickV New Member

    I too have the exact same problem.

    When i go to System Settings>Other Settings>Profile>Nintendo DS Profile all I see is 'Message' & 'Colour' settings. The system doesn't reboot.
    Has anyone found a solution by now?

  13. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    What firmware version are you on?
  14. RickV

    RickV New Member

    I think the latest= 7.1.0-16

    That's probably the problem?
    Or does it work with this firmware?

  15. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    Yeah, that's the issue.
    These flashcards ONLY work on the firmware 4.1-4.5. Any higher or lower and it won't work.

    You're best option is to buy a 3DS (model 2012) and pray that it's on one of those firmwares. Most sellers won't refund you on your purchase of the card, because they specifically state if you buy it and it doesn't work because you're on a higher or lower firmware, then you don't get any money back.
  16. RickV

    RickV New Member

    But the weird thing is that on the official website they state that it does work on V7.1.0-16.

    R4ids . cn site (the last newspost).

    But maybe they're talking about the R4i Gold edition (normal edition, not deluxe edition).
  17. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    That is their R4i Gold 3DS.
    You have the R4i Gold Deluxe Edition.

    The R4i Gold 3DS can support running on 7.x, but can only play Nintendo DS ROMs.
    The Deluxe Edition can play 3DS ROMs, but will only work on 4.x.
  18. RickV

    RickV New Member

    Ok, so basically I'm screwed.

    Thanks for your help man.

    Kinda bumped out that I won't get to use it.

  19. necr0

    necr0 Active Member

    Pretty much :(
    Make sure you read the fine details next time :p

    Have a good day.
  20. hydra009

    hydra009 New Member

    The r4igold 3ds exploit is not installing correctly.

    Use the exploit from Gateway 3ds (GW_INSTALLER.NDS)

    DO NOT USE Launcher.dat from Gateway 3ds

    Launcher.dat from Gateway 3ds WILL BRICK !!!!!!!!


    unzip file

    Blue Card (R4i) folder


    put file on blue card microSD and run like a DS game

    follow instructions

    I had the same problem. Searched the net for 2 days. This works. I just did it.

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