What is the best pokemon LINEUP from diamond/pearl and platinum?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Barathrum, May 16, 2009.

  1. Barathrum

    Barathrum New Member

    what's the best line up for pokemon?  please TRY to give moves abilitys items, etc.  and mabye a strategy.  Try, if you can't just say the 6 pokemon.


    Arceus w/Life Orb
    Swords Dance
    Dragon Claws

    Something like that, but a lineup, and yes please include the ubers and legendarys,

    eh ok how about your favorite combination of pokemon or the one you are currently using?
  2. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Active Member

    There's no best lineup. The relative power of a team is dependent on what you're facing and the skill of the players.

    Statistically speaking, however, the six pokemon with the highest base stat totals will theoretically be the strongest team possible.


    Here you go, pokemon reduced to raw numbers for your viewing pleasure. I can't be arsed making a team out of this. Next time think of a strategy or theme that isn't as vague as "the best", put some effort into starting it and then I might help further.
  3. Barathrum

    Barathrum New Member

    i was kinda looking for a strong balanced team with a good support, tank, caster, and carry, but it's ok, dont waste your time.
  4. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Active Member

    My apologies for being rude, it's just a bit annoying when people ask for something entirely subjective.

    Most balanced teams nowadays are comprised of a physical wall, a special wall, two physical sweepers and two mixed sweepers. Usually a slot can be changed for the addition of a mixed sweeper, such as Infernape or Life Orb Salamence, or bulkier sweepers like some variants of Gyarados or Suicune. Smogon.com has some great analyses of various pokemon on their Strategy Pokedex page.

    I find it best to decide on a pokemon you want to use as a base for your team, then cover its weaknesses and complement its strengths in a methodical manner e.g. Jirachi is perfectly covered by Salamence, so most teams I make with Jirachi will include a bulky DD Slamence to sponge some predicted hits.
  5. crazytuna

    crazytuna Active Member

    magikarp lvl 14
  6. waylonn

    waylonn New Member

    Slaking has a higher base then Garchomp?
    oh my god...
  7. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Active Member

    Yes, but Truant is a fucking terrible ability.

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