Why do people these days LOVE shooting games!!! (no offense though)

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by sd95, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. sd95

    sd95 New Member

    I sometimes feel that many people like shooting games more than RPGs, and I just wanna know why...

    I might just have to accept that many people like Shooters more than RPG...ask for me ill stick with RPG :D
  2. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    'couse they are better.
  3. calvin_0

    calvin_0 New Member

    because the new gen player are bunch of lazy bump.
  4. sd95

    sd95 New Member

    well thats a nice reason...:(
  5. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    People are more interested in guns and tanks than dragons and swords.

    In my personal opinnion ,most of the RPG games are for childish or childish thinking minds.,

    Since 2004 ,Shooter genre became better and better becouse every FPS player dont play every FPS game. They have to improve it.

    In RPG ,you hire a good novel righter ,a good story can make a game sell more then 500.000+ ...
  6. nex26

    nex26 Active Member

    It's because gaming has become more mainstream with easily available online gaming. It's easier to make money with a generic fps than having it is with an rpg.
  7. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Active Member

    Yeah, and you don't have to use your brain too much in FPS games too....
  8. calvin_0

    calvin_0 New Member

    additional to that, most new gen player dont care much about storyline which were most RPG shine.
  9. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    addition to that ,25 million Ps3 users bough 10 million CoD's.

    also 29 million XboX users bought 14 million CoD's

    also also 55 million united console users bought 5 million RPG's total.

    If you were a game developer ,what genre would you do?

    (Not counting Wii ,Nintendo always has RPG games.)
  10. irvein01

    irvein01 New Member

    Too many hardcore gamers >.< people took brawl too seriously and went back to meele - b/c its truth. xbox created a whole generation of hardcore gamers, i cant even play madden online without matching against "pros" who overplay/overstudy/overexert game mechanics.
  11. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I play a lot of FPS games, but I also enjoy RPGs. I'm a lot more picky when it comes to RPGs though.
  12. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    I fking agree that... Type "non-scope kills CoD" to youtube... All the videos you see there are XboX users' videos. Why? Becouse of Halo.

    The best Ps3 player is slightly better than a moderate 360 CoD player. Becouse 360 players layed soo many great FPS games before then Ps3 users ,Ps3 has now.

    Now topic ;FPS is easy to learn ,impossible to master... RPG is hard to learn ,no master. Thats why FPS games are better for a busy player.
  13. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I call bullshit.
  14. jc_106

    jc_106 New Member

    remembers me of myself. an rpg for me has to be very good (dragon quest 8 comes to mind), but almost any fps gets in my HDD. can't say why myself, though.
  15. asdzxc123789

    asdzxc123789 New Member

    Why? I am also a Ps3 owner.
  16. jc_106

    jc_106 New Member

    i, personally, don't like going online. all those dudes without a life who spend all their days around COD4 or counter strike and then headshot you before you blink make me sick. i have quite a few shooting games on my pc, and i never go online.
  17. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I am a PS3 owner and I do scopeless sniping all the time in CoD. I have played halo once. My skills come from playing a wide variety of decent PC FPS games, not some mediocre attempt at a shooter on xbox.
  18. ZayZay32

    ZayZay32 New Member

    Cause of the guns! I mean come on, people think that RPGs are ok, but sometimes they are depressing with all the messed up actions. Like Kingdom Hearts, if you have some weird quest to do and you get sidetracked with crap that is going on, you will die. If you play a game like Stranglehold or The Conduit, you don't have that much of a problem, HEADSHOT!
  19. zangief

    zangief New Member


    people nowadays are too lazy to even think.
  20. xkoolguy90x

    xkoolguy90x New Member

    i would say that shooting games are just better. me, im a mixed person. but now-a-days ive been on rpg mostly and gambeling in poker (not real money) and trying to get my ds to have multiple things to do. 360 not here to i have to substitute.

    also note that humanity loves violence. really things started because of violence or something thats violent. while many love diplomacy because its non violent, people enjoy the violence anyways. plus the graphics on the next gen consoles are just amazing. but theres still some rpg games coming out on the next gen consoles. dont give up hope! rpg games will have a comeback! and hopefully with a new legend of zelda game. i want something in the zelda series to play. havnt seen anything new in a long time. im worried they dropped the zelda series T.T

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