Wood R4 - How to add cheats and use them.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by hufacuse, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. hufacuse

    hufacuse New Member

    I guess the title says it all... where do I put the file, which it download (usrcheat.dat or cheat.dat) etc..

    Any help would be great thanks!
  2. duckie112

    duckie112 New Member

    In the _rpg file is a file named cheat and like every other r4 its probably usrcheat.dat if you got a old usrcheat.dat from you're previous firmware then try to add that to the cheat folder
  3. shadowjr456

    shadowjr456 New Member

    i did all that
    but wen i start up the game and go to put on the cheats it says " Warning .cc exists, Generate new one?" i say yes... but the cheat doesn't work
  4. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    You need the usrcheat.dat in the cheats folder. Push Y on the desired highlighted ROM, and then X. Also make sure that the Cheat In Game(AR) option is on within the Patches tab of the Settings (via Start).
  5. piface

    piface New Member

    should a menu pop up asking which cheats you want enabled?
  6. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    You access it through Y then X.
  7. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Active Member

    When you turn on the DS, press Y for settings, X for cheats. Activate the ones you want, generate a .cc, then at the settings menu, press Y again. You should see some changeable settings. Press R and you should see something like "Cheats in Game". Change it so it says ON or Global[on]. It does not really matter which one you choose.
  8. 921001

    921001 New Member

    Thanks. Now my cheats work. Gonna replay The Day Ends With You all over again! =D
  9. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Active Member

    You mean The World Ends With You?
  10. piface

    piface New Member

    no the day ends with you is the last chapter of the game
  11. LucasGenesis

    LucasGenesis New Member

    Can i ask some thing?
    I put the usrcheat.dat file in the cheats folder,but when i turn on my ds and go to cheats it doesnt let me access it.
    Theres just an icon that says cheats that i cant access.
  12. applebob1

    applebob1 New Member

    would somebody really help with my r4
    1.i have added usrcheat.dat files
    2.i have got the right ids and the right cheats for the games and added them 1 by 1
    3.i have updated my r4 firmware to 1.18
    4 i have downloaded the right versions(and could somebody give me a good rom site please)
    could somebody please help why my cheats wont work??
  13. Fredbox

    Fredbox New Member

    You should switch from 1.18 to Wood R4. 1.18 has problems with large cheat files.
  14. cero122

    cero122 New Member

    help guys i have put an usrcheat in the cheat folder but when i go to the settings and i press start the menu freezes
  15. boxihead

    boxihead New Member

    Find a program called the cheat code editor it lets you manually add cheats at will with action replay codes. This also works for hacks like a weapon mod, which is my favourite cheat.
  16. CoolKill3r

    CoolKill3r Active Member

  17. emrecool

    emrecool New Member

    I've done all the required things but when I press x when I press y on a game nothing happens I really need help!!
  18. Amon12

    Amon12 New Member

    I got a problem, i put the usrcheat.dat on the "cheat" folder at __rpg, but when i press Y, there isn't the X option even when i turn on cheats. It shows off,on and global (off) should there be a global (on)?
  19. CoolKill3r

    CoolKill3r Active Member

    Go to this topic: http://forum.romulation.net/index.php?topic=39701

    scroll down tell you see a spoiler 'How To Set-Up Wood R4' and read it!
  20. Filip_01

    Filip_01 New Member

    I need some help:
    I made a usrcheat.dat with Transformers cheats on it but it doesn´t show me the cheats for the game on the nintendo...
    Can sb. please help me???

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