Wood R4 - The New Firmware 99.8% Compatibility (CK3)

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  1. CoolKill3r

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    Last Edit: December 15th 2015
    Latest Version: Wood v1.62


    • Yellow Wood Goblin Is the official creator of: Wood R.P.G. & Wood R4
      This firmware is a replacement for the R4 Kernel v1.18 software.
      Be sure to look into the Flashcard Compatibility List section below!

    [​IMG] .NDS files to load Wood R4 (latest): Get them here!
    [​IMG] Wood v1.62 for R4 Original/M3 Simply: Download here! (1.16MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.62 for R4iDSN: Download here! (988KB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.60 for R4iDS Gold: Download here! (2.55MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.62 for Acekard R.P.G.: Download here! (1.01MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.62 for Ace3DS.: Visit here! (4.20MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.42 for R4 SDHC: Download here! (1.57MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.25d for M3: Download here! (2.45MB)
    [​IMG] Wood v1.25 for DSTT: Download here! (1.77MB)
    [​IMG] WAIO v1.16 for R4 Clones (REPACKED v3.0): Download here! (3.10MB) [SOON v4.0]

    Flashcard Compatibility List

    Wood R4 Setup Guide

    Unfixed games list


    Compatibility List

    Credits & Links

    Change Log


    Special thanks to Yellow Wood Goblin!
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  2. yoshi2889

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    There are plenty other threads of this, and you got this out of the "New firmware for original R4 released - Wood R4" thread.
  3. CoolKill3r

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    Change Log:

    New versions added:
    Wood v?.?? for R4 Original/M3 Simply
    Added: Wood v?.?? for R4iDSN
    Added: Wood v?.?? for R4iDS Gold
    Added: Wood v?.?? for Acekard R.P.G.
    Added: Wood v?.?? for Ace3DS

    New loaders added:
    Wood R4 (.NDS) v?.??
    Wood R4iDSN (.NDS) v?.??
    Wood R4iDS Gold (.NDS) v?.??

    Download it on the first page!

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  4. lil_azn_a55a5in

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    how do you put skins on r4 ds with wood firmware
  5. Clmbnsccrplyr

    Clmbnsccrplyr New Member

  6. CoolKill3r

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  7. 6Toushiro9

    6Toushiro9 New Member

    Ive had this ever since it was out. Its the best although the bad thing is you have to rename your sav format
    to .nds.sav
  8. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    No, that "stickied" thread is for noobs, the point of this post is to let other's know that this exist.

    This is more like a "hello new firmware" rather than an all in one (since it focuses on one firmware, the one yoshi means is linfox domain which mixes it all).

    Good post though.
  9. namenick

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  10. CoolKill3r

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  11. yoshi2889

    yoshi2889 Active Member

    ... I don't know what you mean, but here's the thread I mean...

  12. namenick

    namenick New Member

    after some try...
    I made only the frist part
    I saw that the
    skin zelda
    (the predetermined one)
    has that folder
    so i try to make it and it works...

    in some skin...
    the "start" button is not touchable...
    so you need to press start...
    not a very problem
    but I tried my favourite skin...
    and the start button was not touchable
  13. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Active Member

    That's more like "hey cool new firmware" that got dragged on way too long.

    This thread, on the other hand, seems to be a good resource thread that is likely to stay updated vis a vis the original post.
  14. CoolKill3r

    CoolKill3r Active Member

  15. namenick

    namenick New Member

    maybe is better that you copy this guide on first post
    because I think other people will have the same problem
  16. yoshi2889

    yoshi2889 Active Member

    Could you please stop putting the picture at every post?
    It's irritating.
  17. CoolKill3r

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  18. 01philip01

    01philip01 New Member

    its called free advertising.
    anyone can do it!
  19. CoolKill3r

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  20. yoshi2889

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    Then I can advertise my site as much...

    And these posts are the most irritating.

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