[Working] Pokemon Heart Gold ROM with Patch [Download Here] (For Flashcarts)

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by totallydood, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    Ok guys, found this on Megaupload earlier. Its supposedly a working patch for Pokemon Heart Gold.


    Am downloading right now and will report back.

    Dont know about Soul Silver, as its only saying Heart Gold..
  2. matty999555

    matty999555 New Member

    Which flash carts?
  3. ice8800

    ice8800 New Member

    does it freeze?
  4. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    I dont know, just try it. my computer is being supergay and its downloading at 13KBps. meh
  5. ace1o1

    ace1o1 Active Member

    Try it.

    I can't because I have an Acekard 2i or else I would...
  6. wabsta

    wabsta New Member

    Downloading it atm, but just don't get your hopes up..
  7. fantasy_freak08

    fantasy_freak08 New Member

    i'm downloading now and will try on my supercard rumble.
  8. BSNAllstar

    BSNAllstar New Member

    Yeah, nowadays, we need flash cart specific patches sometimes.

    Anybody trying with an R4SDHC or do I have to volunteer?
  9. CoolKill3r

    CoolKill3r Active Member

    Tried it and no is doesn't work only freeze freeze and again FREEZE! sorry!
    I'm Using R4 Original!
  10. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    Im using R4i-SDHC, dont know if its the same
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  11. Beorgit

    Beorgit New Member

    Is there a SoulSilver version aswell? ::)
  12. BSNAllstar

    BSNAllstar New Member

    freeze as in 24 events?

    Ima try...i'll let you know in like 10-15 min.
  13. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    I only see a Heart Gold, and the txt file is saying you cant use your old saves with this patch........ well IDC since i only had 2 badges...
  14. CoolKill3r

    CoolKill3r Active Member

    I can see that this is going nowhere, so laterzz
  15. lyon999

    lyon999 New Member

    does the patch work on TTDS/DSTT?
  16. ron975

    ron975 New Member

    Downloading it Atm, if it works then THANK TEH LORDZ OF HAXXING .
    I was gonna replace my SS game with HG and buy SS.
    I use r4i kernel 1.31 .
    Will test if it doesn't freeze in approx 1-3hrs
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  17. Jimmy581

    Jimmy581 New Member

    Don't know why, but I was downloading it at 600kb/s, then it slowed down to 17kb/s...
    Not in the mood to really try to download it, sorry!
    Please, tell me if it works though.
  18. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    What cart do u have?
    and its it working or not?
  19. eaithegrimreaper

    eaithegrimreaper New Member

    I will try with my R4SDHC, after all, I'm also trying to get other games to work so I might as well try this one too.
  20. totallydood

    totallydood Guest

    this download is going SO SLOW OMG. its probably b/c its overwhelmed with downloads atm.
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