x-men the official game help !!!

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    RAULMADRID1998 New Member

    Hi guys.A few days ago,i install x-men the official game on my pc.After i install it,i click on the game's icon and i get this error " Unable to initialize Direct3D, make sure hardware accoleration is set to full ".So,i set my graphic setting to full,but when i click to the icon again,it still show me the error.
    Is my computer strong enough :
    ECS 945GCT-M2 - Intel 945GC chipset (Core 2 Duo) - Upto P4 3.8GHz; 2xDual DDR2 667 (Max 2GB Ram); VGA (Max 224M)& Sound 6 channel & NIC onboard; 1xPCI Express; 2xPCI; 4xSerial ATA; 533 / 1066 FSB
    If anyone know how to fix this problem,plz help me !!!
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    i already go to dxdiag and selected "Enabled"
  2. Fire_Ice

    Fire_Ice Guest

    This sounds like your graphics card is not strong enough

    Do you use an on board graphics card or a PCI or AGP videocard

    on board graphics card are mostly not enough for PC games
  3. meganova

    meganova New Member

    I suggest you to play it on a separated graphic card, not the onboard one,
    Here's what I suggest you to do,
    - update your Direct X driver, or
    - after that, try increase the Video Hardware Acceleration by going to your desktop,
    right click it, choose Properties, under 'Display properties', select 'settings' tab, and then click the 'advanced' button
    go to 'Troubleshooting', and slide the acceleration to maximum.

    RAULMADRID1998 New Member

    what if i use the 3d-analyze ??? I use it to play the sim 2
  5. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    Just grab direct x 10 at least, if that doesn't work I don't know...all I know is your specs are better than my laptop, and I can run that.

    RAULMADRID1998 New Member

    i have try,but i didn't work
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    Anyway,i have try 3d analyze,and surprisingly is work.The game running smooth now.Thanks for your support

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