100% free MP4 to DPG converter?

Discussion in 'Non-Emulation Help' started by Azardea, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Azardea

    Azardea New Member

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I want to convert my videos into DPG files, but very converter I've downloaded so far is just the trial version or just won't work. So, anyone know of any 100% free converters? Thanks.
  2. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    i recommend super video converter....just Google it....it converts to and from every format....
  3. Azardea

    Azardea New Member


    The version I downloaded can't convert into DPG... :/
  4. matty999555

    matty999555 New Member

    Try dpgtools
  5. Azardea

    Azardea New Member

    The audio stream was not able to be aquired :-\
  6. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    i just checked, the latest version of super does support DPG...it says it like "NDS(DPG)" near the bottom, in the output container selection...i uploaded the installer...

  7. athemoe

    athemoe Active Member

    I would recommend www.gbatmw.net :)
  8. Azardea

    Azardea New Member

    Thanks Catz_102, I just had to restart my computer, it just gave me errors all the time. Super is awesome. I'm sure gbatmw.net works too, Athemoe, but I went with Super =) Oh, and sorry for my mediocre english...
  9. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    all's good! just glad it works for you!
  10. nickgar

    nickgar New Member

    go to Media-convert.com ;D upload ur file and set it to dpg let it convert download it 100%free up to 200Mb
  11. Frivera360

    Frivera360 Member

    Well Imtoo really good converter and easy to use.
  12. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    read the rules....no linking to warez sites....i know it is cuz I'm a member, great community, but not enough stuff.....

    and anyways, you linked to an older version, in the old part of the forum....i could find the newest version on another site....
  13. athemoe

    athemoe Active Member

    I've wasted like a year searching for a good, free DPG converter and I failed :p

    but gbatmw is awesome!
    are you talking about my link?

    you may link to gbatmw :p

    People link .nds roms all the time on this forum (also warez :eek:)

    and this site is also illegal y'know
  14. Tomoka

    Tomoka Active Member

    Frivera360 linked to a warez site, if you look, he edited.....

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