Dragon Quest IX Team!

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by koukisthebest, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. koukisthebest

    koukisthebest New Member

    Post Here The best Dragon IX team.I got 2 warriors and 2 mages.Its a good team i beat all the bosses and all easily but the problem is that i need a lot of medical herbs because mages die easily.Post Your TEAM ;D
  2. miros

    miros New Member

    There are three people in my party. The first is myself, then a mage, and finally a warrior.
  3. unqiueninja

    unqiueninja New Member

    Gladiator, Sage, Warrior and Martial Artist >:D
  4. audit_08

    audit_08 New Member

    I have a Minstrel, a Priest, a Sage and a Warrior.
  5. showstopper123456

    showstopper123456 New Member

    only a level 30 minstrel.. i dont know where to recruit party member. i just beat leviathan..
  6. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Active Member

    Go back to Stornway and talk to Patty
  7. koukisthebest

    koukisthebest New Member

    Lol you beat this fish at 30 lvl? xD i was 15:p well i changed my team into a Priest(Hero) Mage and 2 gladiators.I just beated the Drak the evolved lizard.My lvls is 19/24/19/18
  8. i used to have a team but they just half my exp but now i am just lv.51 warrior
  9. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Active Member

    Level 47 Gladiator and one level 20 Thief(only for quests that require another member to be done like the Eggstreme Sports quests and for unlocking Paladin and some more....)
  10. triemie

    triemie New Member

    my party
    lvl 35 Gladiator
    lvl 21 Paladin
    lvl 34 Mage
    lvl 37 Priest
  11. koukisthebest

    koukisthebest New Member

    Triermie paladin is useful? Cuz i am thinking to change my priest into a paladin ^^ I just beated this teacher in the school underground i cant remember the name of the town xD
  12. triemie

    triemie New Member

    well it depends on what you like Paladin is for Hp and Defence but still it can hit good
    So i would say its pretty useful their main skills are used for Protecting Party Members
  13. slapmeorelse

    slapmeorelse New Member

    I got myself, the main character, a priest, a mage, and a martial artis.

    I'm level 17 and everyone else is level 16. I havent played that much. Sue meh

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