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    ePSXe for dummies!

    By: DB_Odin

    Table of contents:

    - 1. Components needed for ePSXe
    -- 2. configuring ePSXe
    --- 3. Running iso's / bios / cd's
    ---- 4. Additional programs help guide
    ----- 5. Credits / additional info

    @@@@@@@@@ 1. Components needed for ePSXe @@@@@@@@@

    Ok PSX emulators are a little diffrent from SNES or GBA.
    ePSXe is probaly the easiest emulator to use, and probaly the best.
    So download ePSXe ( romulation.net has a link to a great emulator site )
    Select ePSXe 1.7 in the link above

    ---I would advise making an organized folder for ISO'S and the emulator itself---

    |=== ePSXe
    Desktop --- emulators and roms====|
    |=== iso's

    By this point you should have ePSXe downloaded..its only like half a MB
    Extract ePSXe into the folder i told u to make earlier or wherever else you want it.

    ==============In case you do not know how to extract a file==============

    Pretty simple.
    Right click on the file you want to extract
    select extract here to extract it inside of that folder.
    OR you can the extract files.. and choose where you want to extract it.


    Ok now that thats done...
    You need Plugins! ePSXe comes with plugins ( but they are old and outdated )

    link for these plugins: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psx/psxplugins-tools.html

    These are the plugins that i use

    ---> P.E.Op.S Soft Driver 1.18 ( pete's vidoe plugins are also good )
    Moderator Edit:
    I would recommend using Pete's OpenGL2 if you have an Nvidia Card
    Use Pete's D3D driver if you have a non-Nvidia Card
    ---> P.E.Op.S Dsound Audio Driver 1.9
    ---> P.E.Op.S CDR driver 1.4

    After these are downloaded you need to extract them into the Plugins folder
    ( which is inside of your ePSXe folder )
    Thats all for the plugins for now.

    Now you are going to need the bios for PSX
    Simply google PSX bios
    ( the most popular bios file is called SCPH1001 )

    Extract this into the folder labeled Bios. ( which is inside of you ePSXe folder )
    It may or may not need to be extracted.
    Easy right?

    ========Additional things you may or may not need to download / install==========
    links are next to them.

    ---> Daemon Tools lite 4.12.3 http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.php?catid=5&mode=ViewCategory
    ---> zlib1.dll ( you will need to install this now if you do not have it ) http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?zlib1
    ---> Game iso's
    ---> WinRAR http://www.download.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html?hhTest=1

    ( NOTE: I DO NOT support illegal gaming! )
    If you do not own the actual CD of the game it IS illegal to use the ISO!

    Theres a guide on how to install / use these programs closer to the bottom of the page.

    OK! that should be all of the things that u need to download / install!

    @@@@@@@@@ 2. Configuring ePSXE @@@@@@@@@

    This part is pretty self explainitory

    -> Open your ePSXe folder
    Select the icon that looks like a PSX controller ( thats the emulator itself )
    A window that says ePSXe should pop up.

    -> if the configuration wizard does not automaticaly pop up: select config and then wizard guide
    This will open up the configuration wizard. it shoudl say welcome to ePSXe setup etc.
    click on the config button in that window.

    -> the bios selection should pop up. Make sure that SCPH1001 is selected and click next
    ( it should be the only one available. )

    -> the next page is the video plugin configuration
    Select the plugin that says P.E.OP.s 1.18 and press the config button
    A new window should pop up find the thing that says stretching and hit the drop arrow
    it should have 1:1 selected by default.
    I would recomend selecting the "Stretch to full window size" option

    ( NOTE: Some games will need special video configuration to work properly )
    Since i did not go into extreme detail on how to configure the grafix the iso you are trying to run may or may
    not work. Like loonylion says " There is no one size fits all configuration "
    Defaults will work with some games ( i plan to make a guide on config settings for the more popular games )
    If you need help on a particular game configuration send me a message me on romulation or at [email protected]
    Make sure to tell me what game and what problems you are having with the game. I might be able to help!

    after you have configured the video plugin press the ok button.
    you should go back to the previous wizard window. Click next.

    -> the next page is the sound plugin wizard
    Select the P.E.Op.S DSound audio driver 1.9
    click next

    -> the next page is the CDR plugin wizard
    Select the P.E.Op.S CDR driver 1.4
    Click on the config button. This part would be hard to explain to someone in dept who doesnt
    know how to use ePSXe well.

    The only thing you must change on this part is what drive you want it to read off of.
    Anyways select the drive drop arrow and select the drive you want it to use.

    NOTE: on most computers its usualy something like or D: or E:
    if you are unsure on what the name of your drive is Click the start button and select my computer
    All available drives are under the text that says Devices with removeable storage

    after you select the drive click on Ok at the bottom of the page
    Click next.

    -> The controller config wizard is the next page
    click on the button that says controller 1
    on the right of the new window there is a box that says "[SCPH-1080] Digital" by default
    it may say something diffrent: [SCPH-1080] Digital is a keyboard configuration.
    if you have a controller pad like, dual analog / dual shock etc for PC select it in that drop box.
    To configure the keyboard / contorller etc. : on the picture of the controller select the button you
    wish to change and simply click in the box. then press the key or button that you want that button to be.
    If you have a second keyboard or controller repeat this step for Controller 2
    after thats done click the "ok" button
    Click next.

    -> the next page is the congrats page! sweet ePSXe is all ready to run a iso / cd!
    Press ok.

    @@@@@@@@@ 3.Running iso's / bios/ cd's @@@@@@@@@

    First make a folder called ISO's on your desktop or in the emulators / iso's folder you should have made.
    iso's should all be extracted in this folder.
    To run a iso simply select the file menu and click run iso. a new window will pop up.
    If you are using windows xp / vista on the left hand of the new window there should be a button that
    says desktop. click it!
    now open the iso folder and find the iso you want to run and open it.

    Select the file menu and click run CD
    ( Mounted iso's also work this way )

    To pause a ISO / cd press the escape key
    NOTE: you cannot configure plugins while a game is running.

    to save a state press f1. to change a state press f2. to load a state press f3

    and thats pretty much it!

    @@@@@@@@@ 4. Additional programs help guide @@@@@@@@@

    ---> Daemon tools lite 1.4
    Summary: Allows the computer to run a iso as if it were a CD rom
    After you download this program extract it if needed into a newfolder. run the installer.
    You will need to reboot your computer.
    This is mounting device
    Mounting a device makes a iso run as a CD rom.
    to mount a device left click on the daemon tools icon at the bottom right of the start bar.
    click on the text that says something around Device 0 [E:]Empty
    a new window will pop up: in that window open up your iso's folder and select the iso you want to mount
    NOTE: You may have to change the "files of type" drop arrow to "All files"
    most iso's will have a .img document - those are mountable

    ---> zlib1.dll ( i needed it to use ePSXe )
    Summary: a document needed to use ePSXe
    simply download this into a new folder
    then right click the un extracted file and select the "extract files..." option
    then a new window will pop up.
    select the "My computer" button on the left hand of the window"
    then open your hardrive folder ( the drive without the cd above it: generaly says local disk (C:) )
    open the file that WINDOWS: then select but DO NOT open the file that says system.
    extract it in that folder.
    thats it for zlib1.dll

    NOTE: this program does not have to be in the system folder. You can directly extract it into your ePSXe folder
    thanks loonylion for this information

    ---> winRAR
    Summary: Program used for archiving / extracting files.
    Just download it from the maker and install it. easy as that!

    @@@@@@@@@ 5. Credits / additional info @@@@@@@@@


    Romulation.net ---> for making such a awesome emu site.
    ePSXe ---> for making a great easy to use emulator.

    Additional information:

    --->System specs needed
    Note: These are not EXACT specs needed: just the minimum to run ePSXe well
    diffrent games will need diffrent requirements.

    Processor: around 1.8 + gHz
    ideal: 3.4 gHz
    RAM: at least 256 mb + of ram
    ideal: 1 gig
    Video card: 128 mb +
    ideal: 512
    CD drive: ( if you are running a CD ) 20x +
    ideal: 56x

    NOTE: for some reason ( this may just be me lol ) but i find iso's run better on windows XP vs Vista

    If you have any other questions about running a particular game or program listed just send me a message
    on romulation.net or an email to [email protected]

    Please do not copy my guide!
    If you want to add any additional information to this guide or have any suggestion pm me.
    If you found this guide helpful let me know!
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    Nice tut, man. I'm gonna give it a try, cause I have RE3 here sitting doing nothing.

    What are you doing here, then? :p

    romulation.net is miswritten, and you can add links, just not other competing rom sites.
  3. kanwarrulz_123

    kanwarrulz_123 New Member

  4. DB_Odin

    DB_Odin New Member

    im sure typos are very common.. as i am not the best speller lol.
    and the links for the plugins are from a competeting site
    there is a plugin package for ePSXe on the forums if you canot find them.
    I was told by a mod to post it in this section... im not able to post it in the tutorials sections
    loony said he will move it for me :)\

    edit: got the links up now that should make things easier
  5. kanwarrulz_123

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    I think you have posted in the wrong section, mods will transfer it.
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I told him to post here because the tutorials section is closed.

    DB_Odin you ought to mention that pete's video plugins are also good, and that there is no 'one size fits all' config. Additionally you will NEVER get a CD drive with the letter C:, that drive letter is reserved exclusively for hard disks, just like A: and B: are reserved for floppy drives. Additionally, the emulator site we reccommend is www.emulator-zone.com, if you add that into your tutorial people are more likely to see it.

    Edit: just remembered that zlib1.dll doesnt HAVE to be in the system32 directory, it will work if it is in the ePSXe folder.
  7. DB_Odin

    DB_Odin New Member

    of course each game needs its own special config :)
    and C: is just an example of what it would look like
    but your right that could lead to problems so ill change it
  8. anandjones

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    Nice tutorial man, Pete's drivers are really good, Eternal is good for Sound. You can decide to register zlib1.dll, but leaving it in the same directory as ePSXe works too.
  9. Almo

    Almo New Member

    I just leave zlib in the root folder.

    Also both Petes and PEOpS work wonderfully for video, I use them both :) its always good to have a range, more likely to get something working that way.
  10. DB_Odin

    DB_Odin New Member

    Any ideas on what could make this guide better are welcomed! :)
    and if anyone would be interested in helping me make the iso config tutorial section i would apreciate it!
    ive played many iso's on epsxe but i havent played them all so i need help!
    So if you had problems with a particular iso and found a way to make it run right tell me the game and the steps to running it and i will be sure to credit you in the guide :)

    Note: The guide i will be making will only be focused on the P.E.Op.S and petes plugins
  11. DB_Odin

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    Ok ive been getting alot of msg's requesting a vista version of this guide... the steps for vista and xp should be pretty close to the same. i dont operate on vista so sorry folks i cannot make a vista version.
    the dll file mentioned above has been questioned alot. If it does not work in the windows filethen just xtract it into your ePSXe folder.
  12. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    another important point is use Pete's openGL/directx drivers rather than soft drivers where possible, as they offload graphics onto the graphics card, while soft drivers use the CPU.
  13. Shanefpt

    Shanefpt New Member

    Here is the Vista version: Go to "START," "CONTROL PANEL," "USER ACCOUNTS," then "TURN USER ACCOUNT CONTROL ON OR OFF," disable user accounts then follow the guide from the top... LOL Almost all CD/DVD EMU's have many loading sequences (and regualr games for that matter), with UAC enabled, basically every time the game relays info, Vista acknowledges it as a program transferring information "that could be harmful to your computer" since you did not initiate the process manually, in which case UAC asks for administrator permission, thus crashing most games in the background processes. Disable UAC and all should be well. For those worried about security, let me tell you, nothing beats a good AV suite! I have had my UAC disabled since about the third day I had this PC when I couldn't run Medieval II anymore (off the purchased disks!!!). I found that UAC was killing the game. I just loaded ePSXe with UAC on, crashed almost instantly on five games in a row, the fifth made it through the menus then crashed when loading the first zone. LOL

    If you still get a fail (almost forgot) right mouse click your ePSXe application icon or shortcut, click properties, then the compatibility tab, tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP SP 2 in the drop down box.

    If you still get a fail again right mouse click your ePSXe application icon or shortcut, click properties, then the compatibility tab, tick the "Disable Desktop Composition" box.

    If you still have a problem, try a different game, if it runs and the first doesn't try a different set of plugins or an alternate bios, as SOME games have specific requirements and not all X-factors can be accounted for in advance. If you still have a problem, run your updater (Windows Automatic Updates) as I am certain you have outdated drivers or you didn't thoroughly follow the instructions from this tutorial, which is near identical to the ePSXe tutorial in an abridged form.

    Remember, this IS NOT an officially supported SONY product and doesn't have warrantied tech support. Many people have spent many hours trying to perfect this EMU but it is far from perfect. Find an issue without an easy resolution? Learn some basic programming and take a crack at it yourself! You may amaze yourself!
  14. MoparMan426

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    thanks for the help.
  15. animebigboy

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    Thank You so much. I really needed this spelled out to me and you were a great help.

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