Good, Small (Under 100MB) PSX Games?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by awesomesauce!, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. awesomesauce!

    awesomesauce! New Member

    I need some, anyone care to share? :3
  2. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    They already have them.

    Use the search, file size-ascending.

    It's mostly crap games unless you search around and look for game rips where music is removed and such.

    There are only 2 games I can reccomend, here they are.

    Nothing like arcade hockey-trust me it's good.

    Nothing like contra and it's difficulty, not one of the best but it's worth a go if your into these.
  3. rayds

    rayds New Member

    i recommend harvest moon back to nature. it is good and only 30 mb (that's amazing for a psx games) ;D
  4. awesomesauce!

    awesomesauce! New Member

    @hYpNoS: Sports not my thing, But I'm definitely getting Contra.
  5. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    Me ethier, but it's too arcady to be realistic...and the fighting mini game reminded me that it's midway making it XD
  6. JamesMallow

    JamesMallow New Member

    i reccomend Metal Slug X,its 60mb and on page 2 of Filesize Ascending

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