How do I get the PSX roms on this site to work my PSX emulator?

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by lostemotionx, May 14, 2010.

  1. lostemotionx

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    So... I downloaded "Final Fantasy Tactics" for the PSX (PS1) and I couldn't get it to work. I already made sure my PSX emulator is in working condition. (I got help for how to get a working PSX emulator in some video on youtube.) So does anyone know? Or do I have to download the roms in parts from another website? If so, what website? (The video I had looked at had told me some website that you can download PSX roms in parts but I don't remember what it was. :/)

    Also... on a side note... does anyone know if the PSX roms here will work for burning them onto a disc to play burned PSX games on my PS2 (If not where can I get PSX roms for burning?)? If I'm not allowed to post THESE type of questions (About burning or whatever...) would someone please inform me? And if I'm not, if you don't want to answer THIS question I won't ask you to. Though, I don't see why I wouldn't be allowed as I would assume other people of this forum post questions about their R4 cards or whatever for the NDS... They would say its for "Backups" but more than likely (IMO) 90% of people that do it, do it just to get the game for free. And I'm not gonna lie, I intend to burn many PSX games and play them. (Even games I don't have.) Though I really DO have a copy of PSX "Final Fantasy Tactics" though it doesn't work anymore. >.<

    Thanks for anyones help. =D
  2. Loonylion

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    Emulator configurations vary between games, you need a bit of trial and error to find the one that works. ePSXe 1.5.2 with pete's plugins ('nice' video defaults and enable the relevant special game fixes) is a good start for squaresoft games.

    yes our roms can be burned and played on a modded playstation.

    Downloading roms is illegal regardless of whether you own the original or not. We don't lie to our users like a lot of sites do. There is no 24 hour rule.
  3. msg2009

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    google for psxfin if you cant get epsxe to work, its a lot simpler
  4. lostemotionx

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    Thanks, I know its illegal I just didn't know if forum users were allowed to post questions about illegal things in these forums. :p

    And yeah, thats the emulator I'm using.
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    Thanks, I'll try it out if I need a different emulator, right now I just need to know whether or not the PSX roms here work on the emulators. AND if they would work if I burned them to a CD.
  5. msg2009

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    yes and yes
  6. lostemotionx

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    If you haven't read it yet, take a look in this tutorial.

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