need cheat codes for emerald, plz

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by quan4, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. quan4

    quan4 New Member

    yah, i use no$gba, i went to codejunkies, gameshark, pro action replay in gamespot faq guide for emerald, i went to but they dont have codes for emerald, all the codes doesnt work at all, i did tried searching in google too, but no luck, can any one help me with the codes, i need the codes for rare cany, master ball, infinite money, catch other trainer's pokemon(if possible), learn the moves. i think that's it. oh and what does gameshark V1/V2, i know waht GS is but not V1/V2; Action replay V3, is it any action replay work?
  2. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    There should be something in there you can use.
  3. quan4

    quan4 New Member

    i have tried out the codes just now but it's doesnt work :'(, i copy&paste the codes to the cheat screen, it didnt let me clik ok for gameshark v1/v2, so i try for action replay v3 but it didnt work, either, so the only option left there is the codebreaker, and it let's me clik ok, but of course it didnt work, is it because the emu i download or what's happening,

    btw, thanx for the website asmadi
  4. EmuBoy

    EmuBoy New Member

    use vba the cheats work for it and there are alot of gameshark cheats for emerald go to the gameshark website
  5. cfiniris

    cfiniris New Member

    Just switch to VBA. It has very good compatibility with Gameshark codes.
  6. quan4

    quan4 New Member

    i know it would work with vba but when i open vba, load the game, the screen is just blank, so that is y i have no choice but to play in no$gba. i'm still trying to find codebreakers for it. I also tried the official codebreakers site, but no one has been post the code for the game yet.:'(
  7. cfiniris

    cfiniris New Member

    Make sure you have the latest VBA version (1.80).
  8. quan4

    quan4 New Member

    will it, i mean the game, can it be save like no$gba, not like ctrl+s ??
  9. DerikkuKun

    DerikkuKun New Member



    And Supercheats always has the custom Pokemon modifier codes.​
  10. armour94

    armour94 New Member << this is the best website most of it is for action replay though...does any1 know where to buy a gameshark in singapore? =.= i have problem finding it
  11. nisbahmumtaz

    nisbahmumtaz New Member

    More like Shift + F1

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