Pokemon Black rom image crash (no$GBA)

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Ahuvya, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Ahuvya

    Ahuvya New Member

    I was playing the Pokemon black with the AC codes from this thread, with a no$GBA 6.a ZOOMER.


    It was working for a little bit, but now when ever I attack, I get a rom Image crash. anyone know what happening? and how I can fix it?
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    After a bit of messing around with it, I seem the thing only happens when using a Move like "Tail whip" or "Leer", strange, could this mean that the ROM itself is corrupted?
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    or the save file?
  2. meganova

    meganova New Member

    Try setting the AR Codes to RAW on the Cheat menu, the issue was not caused by the ROM, or the save file, but by the emulator itself.
  3. Ahuvya

    Ahuvya New Member

    Already have, dang.

    S it is most likly the Eumulator? crap, I'll have to get a freash version, where are the Emulator link on this site? O_O they elude me rofl.
  4. meganova

    meganova New Member

    Search for it from here or here.
    If the problem still exist, I suggest use DeSmuMe.
  5. Ahuvya

    Ahuvya New Member

    K, looks like that worked (for now), thanks for the help ^_^
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    *sigh*, looks like I spook to soon lol. oh well.

    anyhow, how do I get the ROM to work on DeSmuMe? I just get a black screen after I hit the new game button.
  6. Joseg1320

    Joseg1320 New Member

    Read this


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