Pokemon Black/White 2 (white screen when trying to load game)

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by kyc3122, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. kyc3122

    kyc3122 New Member

    I have the r4ds using wood and everytime i try to load the pokemon black 2 or white 2 even with patching the black 2, I will be stuck on a white loading screen. I have a ds lite and I assume that this game can still work on regular ds and not only3ds. Please help Im very noob at this LOL
  2. Foxeybabee

    Foxeybabee New Member

    Im having the same exact problem only with acekard2i, someone please help us!
  3. west13

    west13 New Member

    it works for me
  4. jsndin

    jsndin New Member

    I got passed the white screen.

    Oh my R4 wood, I pressed start, settings, then I went to 'Patches'. I put 'No' on both 'Load Cheat' and 'Reset Game'.

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