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  1. sexywogboy

    sexywogboy Active Member

    Hey Guys.

    I just wanted to let anyone that was interested in the PS2 scene that I've created a new PS2 site that of course revolves around PS2 ISO's.

    I've been part of the growth of a site called Thepurplecube, which you may know of if you are into the Gamecube scene. ProjectBlackTower is exactly the same, except this is mainly for the PS2.

    The site has barely been up and running for a few days, and we've already gotten over 100 PS2 games uploaded. If there isn't a game you want, request it. Our uploaders would be happy to help out.

    I know advertising isn't positively looked at in forums, but seeing as it's a PS2 ISO site and Romulation doesn't host PS2 ISO's, it's not like I'm losing Romulation any possible downloaders/members.

    - Raysie
  2. bobafett1136

    bobafett1136 Member


    Thanks man. :)
  3. sexywogboy

    sexywogboy Active Member

    Thanks, I hope you like it. :)

    I would love to affiliate the site with Romulation. But ProjectBlackTower doesn't really have anything to offer to Romulation, in terms of gaining traffic.
  4. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    Ask Seph, he might let you since most of what you have is ps2 :)
  5. sexywogboy

    sexywogboy Active Member

    Tried that nearly a month ago. Never got a response. So I didn't bother asking again.
  6. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    He has pretty high standards for it now since we grew so much. I think it was that the site asking for the affiliation had to reach at least half of our traffic before he'd consider it.
  7. ndsrom-peach

    ndsrom-peach New Member

    woow awesome site thats reaaally awesome man thanks you're a lifesaver!!!
  8. dkoudrin

    dkoudrin New Member

    Hi, so is projectblacktower dead or what? I can't load the site, only a few cached pages from google will load. Really wanted to post on there and get some info.
  9. mds64

    mds64 New Member

    Works fine for me, I say it's your internet.
  10. sexywogboy

    sexywogboy Active Member

    Site's been working 110% fine for me.
  11. dkoudrin

    dkoudrin New Member

    true that, probably ie being stupid then, yeah seems to work in firefox, cheers boys.
  12. personuser

    personuser New Member

    Hmm...yeah, cheers to PBT...they've gotten me plenty of images.

    Still, there a few obscure jap titles (SWITCH, Typing Of The Dead zombie panic) I could NEVER guys still takin requests? :D

    Either way, thanks.

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