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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by xXbladeZz, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. xXbladeZz

    xXbladeZz New Member

    Well here's my problem.

    I just finished tales of destiny II disc 1 so now i have to insert disc 2 but this doesn't work.
    So i wanted to use the memory card function of my emulator, the psxfin.
    but i don't know how to use that function or how to properly configure it, could some one help me?
  2. macky_327

    macky_327 New Member

    i hope this works for you and everyone... :eek:
    i have encountered the same problem when playing FF8 on psx v1.13
    just finished disc one... then the 'save screen' showed up.. i pretty much know it was time to change to disc 2.
    and disc 2 is another .iso file, meaning all the 'data' [the char's levels, cards, items.. etc.] will all be gone... well that was what i was expecting anyway... :-\

    so long story short here's what i did... or what you should do

    1. download this hefty software [which is free]
    *thanks to aldo vargas...
    2. unzip/extract away... [to run it damn it!]
    4. click new [to create your wonderful mem card] and yeah place it in the folder for your psx's memory cards
    6. check the folder if it contains the file..
    7. run psx and configure your memory card [you can do it boi! ;)]
    8. run your game... and wish... you have a new mem. card.

    well that's about what i did in order to switch to disc two... and i worked out pretty well...
    i wish you'll do well to...

    P.S. am not an expert in this 'emulation' stuff... i just hate being stuck at a game and persistent enough to find a solution... so if anything 'bad' happens please don't account me for the 'error/s' ;)
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