Tomb Raider 2 ISO not working

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by trav8286, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. trav8286

    trav8286 New Member

    I downloaded Tomb raider 2 for my epsxe but it seems to load all the way up to the game selection screen then go black. Anyone else having this problem?or know how to fix it
  2. master62180

    master62180 New Member

    part 1 and 2 and i used the new expse and the 1.5
  3. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    Something's wrong with your video settings.
  4. Coldstone

    Coldstone New Member

    ok not exactly the same problem but every time i burn a different copy of tomb raider (1 + 2 Havent tried 3 yet) for use in my psx it goes normally then whenever i try to start a game or go to laras home it freezes at the black screen any1 know the solution ?
  5. anandjones

    anandjones Active Member

    Make sure you burn it at the slowest speed possible, to ensure proper and careful burning. Also, a good quality CD wouldn't hurt either.
  6. cosmo727

    cosmo727 New Member


    I am also having trouble getting tomb raider I & II to work. Freezes when loading game or Lara's home. I have the original playstaion with the PS2 Breaker Pro ModChip CD (NTSC). Using alcohol 120% @ 4X to burn on good quality discs (Memorex & Philips). Any other game works fine which I have burned so far. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. romz_mark

    romz_mark New Member

  8. cosmo727

    cosmo727 New Member

    Thanks for the reply romz_mark.

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I was really hoping to get this to work on the playstation. I have already wasted numerous disks. Please someone help!!!

  9. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    trying it on ePSXe is important as it eliminates the ISO being the problem...
  10. cosmo727

    cosmo727 New Member

    Thanks for the reply

    I will give it a try to eliminate the ISO. I am new to all of this so it may take a while to figure out the emulator.

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